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Environmental Technical Assistance

The Indiana Brownfields Program performs environmental technical oversight and review for all projects receiving financial or legal assistance, as well as projects receiving U.S. EPA brownfield grants.

The Indiana Brownfields Program utilizes the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) Risk-based Closure Guide (R2) formerly the Remediation Closure Guide (RCG), which is designed to provide consistent application of risk-based closure policies by IDEM and provides flexibility to achieve a balance between environmental protection and economic development. Applying R2 allows the opportunity for an Indiana Brownfields Program site to achieve closure or make a seamless transition to or from IDEM remediation programs.

Indiana Brownfields Program project managers work with the Program's General Counsel to provide letters addressing liability issues and IDEM's position on the necessity of a response action at a property. For more information, visit our legal assistance page. Staff also works with legal counsel to draft environmental restrictive covenants as part of the Indiana Brownfields Program's technical and legal assistance. If you are seeking to modify or terminate an existing ERC on your property, please refer to our legal page, linked above.

For more information about the Program's environmental technical assistance, please contact John Morris, Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator, at (317) 234-0235 or

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