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Virtual File Cabinet

IDEM provides internet access to more than 2 million agency public records 24 hours a day, seven days a week through its Virtual File Cabinet (VFC). Instant access to agency public records exceeds the requirements of Indiana’s Access to Public Records Act. IDEM diligently strives to maintain current and accurate information in this electronic public record repository, and its staff continues to scan and add records daily.

Document Search Tips

  • If you know the Document #, enter it in the “Search By Document #” field at the top right of the VFC’s Document Search page. Click the “Go” button to find that document.
  • If you want to find all documents related to a specific location, you can search by Agency Interest ID # (a unique value that IDEM uses to identify a specific location).
    • If you don’t know the Agency Interest ID #, you can find it via a “Facility Search” (see Facility Search Tips).
    • If you know the Agency Interest ID #, select “Agency Interest ID” in the dropdown menu next to “Alternate Field” on the left. Enter the Agency Interest ID # in the “ID #” field to the right. Click on the “Search” button to obtain the results.
      • The Agency Interest ID # can also be entered in the “Search By Facility #” field at the top right of the VFC’s Facility Search page. Click the “Go” button to find all of the documents related to a specific location.
  • If you want to find documents using a different type of ID, select the ID in the “Alternate Field” dropdown menu on the left. Enter the ID # in the “ID #” field to the right. Click the “Search” button to obtain the results.

Facility Search Tips

  • To conduct a Facility Search, click on the “Facility Search” tab at the top of the VFC home page.
  • Sometimes it is helpful to begin a search by entering a partial value in one search field, as explained in the next bullet. For example, in the “Location Address” field enter “123” instead of “123 Way Street,” or in the “Primary Name” field enter “XYZ” instead of “XYZ Factory Corporation.”
  • To begin a Facility Search, enter the numerical part of the address in the “Location Address” field. Click on the “Search” button for the results.
    • If the list is so large that you cannot find what you are looking for, refine your search by entering a city name in the “City Name” field. Then click on the “Search” button.
    • If you need to refine your search further, enter part of the facility’s name in the “Primary Name” field and click on the “Search” button. Continue refining your search as needed.
    • If you are looking for the Agency Interest ID # (AI ID), it will be located in the left column of the results.
  • Keep in mind that:
    • Properties can be sold or transferred and names can change over time. Call IDEM’s Office of Records Management if you need assistance.
    • o The list of facility locations used by the VFC includes all past and present agency interest locations, some of which do not have documents in the VFC. Sometimes facilities appear in the results when there are no actual documents available to view.
    • There may be documents relating to a “Location Address” that are not in the VFC. If you want to be certain that you obtain all potential documents relating to a “Location Address,” you will need to submit a public record request.

Redacted Records

IDEM sometimes receives records that contain both public and confidential information. The agency is required to make the public portions of the records available for inspection and copying. IDEM will add such records to the VFC with confidential information redacted (i.e., the agency will black out confidential information to make it illegible).

Public Record Requests

If you want to view or have IDEM public records copied, please consult the Office of Records Management’s Public Records page for instructions on how to make a public record request. If you need assistance with locating documents in the VFC, please contact the Office of Records Management.

Take the User Survey

IDEM is committed to providing resources that meet your needs. Please take five minutes to complete the brief VFC User Survey anonymously. Your valuable feedback will help IDEM continue to improve the VFC’s search features, the public record request process, customer service, and your overall experience.

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