About PEN

To equip offenders for successful reentry through meaningful work and career development while operating in a self-sustaining manner. 

Acts 1917, Chapter 83, Sec. 1, Page 237, authorizes prisons in the State of Indiana to manufacture "articles and products as may be found practical" for use by the state, its institutions and political divisions and to sell the surplus upon the market. Indiana Department of Correction was established in Acts 1961, Chapter 343, Sec. 3, Page 1051. Under this Act, the Division of Industries and Farms was created to administer the operation of offenders who produce goods and services for sale to state agencies and residents of Indiana. 

Indiana Code 1991, 11-10-6-2 Sec. 2. (a) The Department shall establish, maintain, and operate industry and farm programs for offenders assigned to equip the participant with a marketable skill which will provide to participant a means of earning a livelihood upon the participant's return to the community...

The Division of Industries and Farms changed its name to PEN Products in November of 1993. PEN is an acronym for Prison Enterprises Network.

Indiana Code 1998, 5-22-11,  mandates that all state agencies and political subdivisions of the state shall purchase from the Department goods produced or manufactured by the Department as listed in the department's printed catalogue, providing those goods meet the specifications and needs of the purchasing governmental body and can be purchased at a fair market price. 


PEN is a Division of the
Indiana Department of Correction.