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Statehouse Education Center

Every year, thousands of students, families and individuals come to the Statehouse and Library to learn about state government, see Hoosier history in-the making, marvel at the architecture and to find out how government works for them. The State Education Center exponentially enhances visitor experiences by supporting social studies and language arts curricula and offering interactive, dynamic exhibits focused on how Indiana State Government supports Hoosiers of all ages. It is housed on the ground floor of the Indiana State Library.

Interactive Exhibits

Hoosier MemoryGovernment Works for Me

Discover treasures from collections of the State Library and other government offices using an interactive tablet and learn interesting facts and stories about Indiana’s history.

Government Works for Me

Explore the urban, rural and suburban landscapes of Indiana to learn more about the State Departments and services they provide, such as inspecting theme parks, building bridges and regulating wild animal populations. Sort services into different departments to awaken a 3-D sculpture of Indiana with illuminating lights and engaging sounds.

Treasure Hunt

Participate in an engaging treasure hunt searching for facts and concepts throughout the exhibit.  Work on your own or in teams to find answers to intriguing questions.

Treasures of the Statehouse

Explore a three-dimensional model of the Statehouse to learn how the building functions as the seat of government and discover spaces that reveal behind-the-scenes stories about history-makers and the events that shaped Indiana government.

Branches of Indiana Government

Participate in an interactive simulation to learn about the branches of Indiana’s State government and how they work together to effectively run the state. Play the role of Governor, Judge and Senator or State Representative to pass or reject various bills.

I Vote, I Count

Vote on specific issues and view videos explaining the pros and cons of each issue prior to voting. Votes are recorded and the totals graphed and displayed on an overhead monitor for all to view and discuss.

Camp Indiana

Camp Indiana Spring 2021 Videos Camp Indiana Winter 2021 Videos


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