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State Property Deeds Maps & Photos

The State Land Office was established in 1887 by order of the Indiana General Assembly. The State Land Office serves as the repository for deeds and plats of land previously or currently owned by the State, with the exception of state highways and right-of-ways, which are housed in the Indiana Department of Transportation, and state universities, which are kept at each university (IC 14-18-1.5).

The State owns approximately 425,000 acres of land, which accounts for 1.8% of Indiana 's total acreage. The office maintains over 7,500 deeds and draft overview maps of state properties in a GIS (Geographic Information System). The office also approves the legal description of real property prior to purchase or sale by state agencies.

The Land Office is open by appointment only. The Office is located on the second floor of the Indiana Government Center South, 402 West Washington Street, Room W-264, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204.

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