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Electronic Buy Indiana Certification

Access the Supplier Portal

The Indiana Department of Administration (IDOA) has relaunched the Secured Supplier Portal. The Supplier Portal allows a registered bidder to complete the Buy Indiana application electronically.

For this reason, IDOA will no longer be accepting requests for Buy Indiana certification via email.

More information about creating a Bidder Profile is found at this link:

Buy Indiana Certification List

Buy Indiana Certification List
This spreadsheet has a list of businesses currently certified under BUY INDIANA and the approval/expiration date of their certification.

IDOA is committed to revitalizing Indiana's economy. A key component of this endeavor is for state government to invest in and support those firms that have made, and continue to make, significant economic investment in Indiana. The Buy Indiana initiative, established by Executive Order 05-05, sets a goal for state agencies to procure 90 cents ($.90) of each dollar from Indiana businesses.

Defining an Indiana Business

An entity qualifies as an Indiana business if it meets any one of the five conditions as set out in I.C. 5-22-15-20.5(b).

  1. A business whose principal place of business is located in Indiana
  2. A business that pays a majority of its payroll (in dollar volume) to residents of Indiana
  3. A business that employs Indiana residents as a majority of its employees
  4. A business that makes significant capital investments in Indiana as defined below
  5. A business that has a substantial positive economic impact on Indiana as defined below

Significant Capital Investment

Any company that can demonstrate a minimum capital investment in Indiana of $5 million or more in plant and/or equipment or annual lease payments in Indiana of $2.5 million or more shall qualify as an Indiana business under I.C. 5-22-15-20.5 (b)(4).

You must include with your Buy Indiana application evidence showing for real property and equipment:

  • The total purchase price of the real property and equipment.
  • Official documentation of the value of capital expenditures.
  • Copies of
    • purchase agreements and
    • Department of Local Government Finance assessment records.

For leases you must provide official documentation showing the total lease payments for the past 12 months.

Substantial Positive Economic Impact on Indiana

Any company that is in the top 500 companies for remitting unemployment taxes, withholding taxes, corporate income taxes, or retail sales tax shall qualify for the Buy Indiana presumption pursuant to Executive Order 05-05.

Procurement Methods and Basis for Award

Bids - follows the process set forth in statute - I.C. 5-22-15-20.5

Depending on the size of the state's purchase, the Buy Indiana preference is applied as follows:

1% on purchase of $1 million and up
3% on 500,000 to $1 million purchases
5% on purchases valued at less than 500,000

Request for Proposals and Professional Services - uses a revised scoring system for determining the award as follows:

Management Assessment/Quality 45 pts.
Price 35 pts.
Buy Indiana Company 5 pts.
Veteran's Business Enterprise 5 pts.
MWBE Requirement 
5 pts. each for Women and Minority participation
10 pts.
Total 100 pts.
No commitment for XBE will result in -1 pt.
+1 bonus pt. will be awarded for the highest XBE.

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