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Mailing Equipment and Supplies

QPA 31988 | Pitney Bowes Inc. | Contract ASA-14-26

QPA Overview

This is an award of a Quantity Purchase Agreement for mailing equipment/machines and mailing supplies to Indiana State agencies and other local partners.

All item prices include delivery, shipping, postage meter resets, installation, and set-up training required for optimal operation. Monthly Maintenance Service Agreement Charges are to include all preventative maintenance, emergency calls, parts, labor, and all software/system upgrades when needed. The vendor has agreed to extend the pricing terms of this contract to all local government entities (universities, cities, towns, counties, municipalities, quasi-agencies, elected officials, etc.), K-12 schools and libraries through the OneIndiana Initiative. QPA provides a standardized product offering (Market Basket) as well as a % of list price for all other purchases (Non-Market Basket)

All Indiana State customers will have to meet with Pitney Bowes Inc. Account Manager (Rebecca Shaw), to determine the most applicable product per customer’s production levels. All equipment offered must be new and meet the current or posted approval of the United States Postal Service (USPS)

A requisition will be created for the product(s) so long as it is on this QPA and convert to a PO. The executed PO should be emailed to the Pitney Bowes Inc. Account Manager listed below.

Each Agency will need to create their own MyAccount through Pitney Bowes Inc. This is the one stop shop for all Pitney Bowes Inc. resources. Agencies will be able to create service tickets, pay bills, complete separate orders for Market Basket and Non-Market Basket items, see historical invoices up to 18 months, and create all needed reports for audit purposes.

Important Resources

State agencies should utilize the “Market Basket” offerings before reviewing the Non-Market Basket offerings; this will assist in standardizing the products offered

Account Management

State Contract Manager

Grant Durnil
Vendor Management, Procurement Division
(317) 232-3018

Pitney Bowes Inc. Account Manager

Rebecca Shaw
Pitney Bowes Inc.
(317) 340-9415


To return an ordered item within 30 business days of receipt contact the Government Account Analysts:

Chris Deubel
Phone: (800) 840-3826 ext 5475


Tracey Keys (alternate contact)
Phone: (800) 840-0523 ext 5518

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