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QPA Supplemental Information

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Supplemental QPA Information

The following have been awarded on the basis of the competitive bid process and are contracted with the state to provide the listed goods and/or services for Indiana state agencies

Automatic External Defibrillators and Accessories - QPA 44531

Bottleless Water Coolers - Quench - QPA 22559

ESRI Price List | (.pdf)

Equipment Maintenance Management Program 

Fleet Fuel Card

Fuel & Re-Refined Oil

Interpretation Services

Janitorial Services

Laboratory Supplies

Library Cards

Mailing Equipment

Managed Services Provider (MSP)

Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising, Media Buy and Communications Services

Medical Supplies

Mobile Voice & Data Communications Equipment (Radio)

MRO (Maintenance/Repair/Operations)


Pest Control Services

Procurement/Travel Credit Card

Printing & Mailing Services

Salt: Road Salt

Salt: Pavement & Water Softener Salt

Security Services

Timekeeping and Scheduling - QPA 31864

Tires and Tire Related Services

Uniform & Industrial Laundry

Vehicle Leasing

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