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Office Furniture


­­­­The State of Indiana has negotiated three contracts in order to provide a variety of office furniture to Indiana State agencies and local governmental entities.

Please be aware that there are several differences between each QPA. The fundamental differences in scope between the three contracts and are as follows:

Office Furniture - Chairs

QPA 15782 is intended for the purchase of office chairs, including desk chairs, stackable chairs and more. Agencies should first utilize this QPA when seeking to procure office seating.

  • Awarded Vendor: Indiana Correctional Industries
  • Ordering & Contact Information | (.pdf)

Office Furniture

QPA 16342 is intended for the purchase of new systems furniture, tables, desks, filing storage, seating and other office furniture products.

  • Awarded Vendor: Kimball International Brands, Inc.
  • Ordering & Contact Information | (.pdf)
  • POs requested from Fleming Interior Group are approved by IDOA as they are a subcontractor for KIBI.
  • Pricelists
CategoryMSRP Discount %
Systems & Pedestals69.50%
Tables, Desks, and Casegoods56.00%
Metal Vertical & Lateral Files/Storage57.00%
Education Products56.00%

Steelcase Furniture

QPA 20710 is intended for the purchase of replacement parts and components for existing Steelcase systems furniture.

  • Awarded Vendor: Business Furniture, LLC
  • Ordering & Contact Information | (.pdf)


Kelsie Baire
Vendor Management, Procurement Division

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