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Annual Report and Biennial Report

Report Description

Annual and Biennial Reports document the type and amount of RCRA hazardous wastes that are generated, shipped off-site, treated on site and/or received from off-site. The format and content of Annual and Biennial reports are exactly the same: the only difference is the report label. Different labels are used because Indiana uses the Annual and Biennial Report modules in RCRAinfo, which is a federal software platform that all states use. Some states require only Biennial reporting by Large Quantity Generators. Indiana requires that Large and Small Quantity Generators report every year. The Annual Report module is used to report even numbered calendar year activity. The Biennial Report module is used to report odd numbered calendar year activity.

Date Due
  • Extensions until March 30 may be granted. Send your request, via email, to IDEM’s myRCRAid inbox and specify the reason for the request. Extension requests on or after March 1 will not be considered.
  • Reports must be entered into RCRAinfo by March 1.

Who Must File

Large and Small Quantity Generators
  • Any facility that was a Large or Small Quantity Generator (LQG or SQG) at least one month of any even numbered year must submit an Annual Report using the Annual Report application in RCRAinfo.
  • Any facility that was a Large or Small Quantity Generator (LQG or SQG) at least one month of any odd numbered year must submit a Biennial Report using the Biennial Report application in RCRAinfo
Treatment, Storage, Disposal Facilities

Any facility that was a permitted Treatment, Storage, or Disposal facility (TSDF) during even numbered years must submit an Annual Report using the Annual Report module in RCRAinfo. Activity in odd numbered years is reported using the Biennial Report module in RCRAinfo. Facilities that are undergoing closure but have not yet received final approval from IDEM must continue to report. If no waste was received during the year and the facility is not operating as a generator of any type, a new notification in the myRCRAid module in RCRAinfo should be submitted instead of an Annual or Biennial report.

If Your Facility is not an LQG, SQG, OR TSD
  • If your facility was not an LQG, SQG, or TSD facility in any month of the year no report is required.
  • However, if you received a reporting reminder, you MUST register and complete a subsequent notification in myRCRAid to update your generator status appropriately. This is necessary so that we can document that you were not an LQG or SQG during the report year and do not owe a report. Even if the business is no longer active the entire report is still required if the facility acted as an SQG or LQG in any one month during the report year.
Online Training Resources

U.S. EPA has produced a free online training resource (Learning Zen) with instructions on how to register as an industry user and how to complete reporting. The module for reporting training is named “Industry Biennial Report” in Learning Zen. Biennial reporting and Annual reporting are the same. We strongly recommend this training.

Detailed instructions regarding regulated waste notifications may be found online. While forms are included in these instructions, Indiana only accepts electronic submissions via RCRAinfo.

Handler Identification Form

IDEM no longer uses the Hazardous Waste Handle Identification Form (State Form 55770). Indiana does not accept paper notifications or reports. All site information updates must be made via myRCRAid.

Regulatory Citations
  • Hazardous Waste Reporting: IC 13-22-4-3.1
Other References