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Each MS4 is required to submit an annual report. The annual report is an update made to IDEM on the progress that an MS4 has made in developing and implementing their local storm water program.

During the first permit cycle three annual reports will be submitted. These are due in the years three (3), four (4), and five (5). The initial annual report shall be postmarked no later than three hundred sixty-five (365) days from the date the SWQMP-Part C: Program Implementation submittal was received by IDEM. Reports four (4), and five (5) are to be submitted no later than three hundred sixty-five (365) days from the previous report.

In subsequent permit terms, annual reports will be submitted in years two (2) and four (4).

An Annual Report Form - State Form 51278 (available on the IDEM Agency Forms page) has been developed for use by MS4s. This form contains general information related to the MS4 and reporting areas for the six Minimum Control Measures, programmatic indicators, water quality characterization, budget, as well as other items.

Notice: IDEM will be developing a guidance document for filling out an annual report. This document will provide each MS4 with information on each of the required reporting elements and expectations of the information that should be included in the annual report that is submitted to IDEM.

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