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Industrial Stormwater Permitting

To Submit Electronically:

About the Rule 6 Stormwater Discharges

Where can I find the Rule associated with Industrial Stormwater Permits?

Note: Additional information regarding the requirements for a General Permit is included in 327 IAC 15-1 through 4 of the General Permit Rule.

Who is required to comply with 327 IAC 15-6?

How does the Rule 6 permitting process work?

What other permits may be required for an industrial site regulated under Rule 6?

Quick References to Rule 6 Topics

Indiana State Forms

The following forms are available on the IDEM Agency Forms page:

  • Rule 6: General Permit Annual Report - 54185
  • Rule 6: Industrial Stormwater Discharge Monitoring Report - 53590
  • Rule 6: Notice of Intent (NOI) Letter - 51286
  • Rule 6: Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3) - 51287
  • Rule 6: Notice of Termination/Exclusion (NOT/E) Letter - 54087
Additional Topics
Additional Resources

For more information regarding construction and industrial stormwater permitting, please contact the IDEM Stormwater Permit Coordinator.

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