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Municipal NPDES Permits

Permit Information

Permit Applications and Instructions

  • Municipal Application Standard Form A (contact the Municipal NPDES Permits section via the Office of Water Quality)
    • This form is required from municipally-owned facilities with a design flow of greater than 1 MGD and/or a PE of greater than 10,000.
  • Semi-Public and Minor Municipal Application Forms
    • For all municipally owned facilities with a design flow of less than 1 MGD and/or a PE of less than 10,000; Any facility not municipally, state or federally owned (i.e. mobile home parks, schools, restaurants, etc.); or a facility owned by a federal agency (military-owned installation, national park, federal penitentiary, etc.
  • Application for Preliminary Effluent Limitations
  • Application Fee Information
  • Potentially Affected Persons Form

Referenced forms are available on the IDEM Agency Forms page.

Permit Public Notices

Permit Guidance Documents

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