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NPDES Permit Program Fee Information

The following revised fees were established, pursuant to IC 13-18-20-12, effective March 18, 1994 to defray the costs of processing the permit applications for the NPDES permit program from all NPDES permit applicants:

  1. When an application is filed with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), concerning a NPDES Permit action a fifty dollar ($50) application fee must be remitted. A permit action includes an application for an initial permit, the renewal of a permit, the modification of a permit, or a variance of a permit or permit limitation. If the application fee is not remitted the IDEM shall deny the permit application.
  2. 2. The permittee will remit the fee at the time the application, or a request for modification is filed with the IDEM. (Include NPDES permit number, if already assigned, on check) No fee will be assessed for permit modifications initiated by the IDEM.
  3. 3. For construction activity subject to 327 IAC 15-5, a fee of one hundred dollars ($100) shall be submitted with a Notice of Intent (NOI) letter.
  4. 4. The fees specified above will be payable to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. Any fee submitted will not be refundable once substantive processing of the permit application has commenced. Fees should be sent to the Program Area identified on the relevant application form.

Additionally the issuance of (or existence of) a NPDES Permit will require the permittee to pay an annual fee for which billing will be made by the IDEM, all in accordance with Senate Enrolled Act 417, which was signed into law on March 18, 1994. The Water Quality: Annual Permit Fees page provides additional information.

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