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Industrial Wastewater Permits

Permit Information

Permit Applications and Instructions

The following is a list of the NPDES permit application packages (available on the IDEM Agency Forms page) that pertain to industrial dischargers:

  • Form 2C Application Package: Existing Dischargers of Process Wastewater
  • Form 2D Application Package: New Sources and New Dischargers of Process Wastewater
  • Form 2E Application Package: Facilities Which Discharge Non-Process Wastewater (i.e. noncontact cooling water)
  • Form 2F Application Package: Application for Permit to Discharge Stormwater Discharges Associated with Industrial Activity that are not covered under Rule 6 Industrial Stormwater permitting.
  • Public Water Supply Application Package [DOC]: Facilities which discharge wastewater generated by the process of treating water for use as a public water supply.
  • An application fee of fifty dollars ($50) and a Potentially Affected Persons State Form must accompany the NPDES permit application.

Permit Public Notices

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