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Planning the Financial Administration of Your District

There are requirements related to record keeping and financing for water and sewer districts. Water districts are retail entities because they sell water. In contrast, sewer districts provide a service, discharging wastewater to a receiving area after it has gone through a treatment process. Water and sewer districts can consult the Small Business Administration (SBA) for suggestions concerning the financing of small businesses. Districts are required to adhere to specific Indiana State Board of Accounts (SBOA) requirements. That contact information is listed below.

State Board of Accounts (SBOA)

Districts must adhere to specific requirements set out by the SBOA. For more information, contact the Indiana State Board of Accounts.

Specific Requirements

Chapter 3 of the Special Districts Manual [PDF] relates to water, wastewater, and solid waste. In addition, Chapter 17 discusses public works law and discusses cities and towns.

The chapter on special districts is a good resource for learning about district formation because it details specifically what a district can and cannot do.

In addition, a manual detailing what you must do if you are a nonprofit receiving government funding or using a nonprofit fiduciary agent is available online on the State Board of Accounts Web site.

The State Board of Accounts Web site also provides a manual for cities and towns.

The preparation detailed in the special district manual is required. As a special district, you will be audited by the State Board of Accounts (SBOA). As a nonprofit district, you should examine both the special district and nonprofit guides.

Contact the SBOA with any questions. The contact information for the current supervisor for Special Districts can be found on the contact list under SBOA.

United States Department of Agriculture, Rural Utilities Service (USDA RUS)

Many sewer and water districts borrow money from the USDA RUS. The RUS has specific reporting requirements and provides budget forms. or by calling USDA RUS. Contact information for USDA is contained in the association list [XLS].

A general staff guide is provided to USDA RUS personnel and reflects what reports should be submitted. The staff guide is very useful in the planning and reporting process for any district. To obtain a paper copy, contact USDA RUS. Contact information is in the association list [XLS].

Relevant Documents

The forms are available online or by contacting United States Department of Agriculture, Indiana Rural Development.

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