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Source Water Assessment Program

Source water assessments are provided to public water systems by IDEM and are intended to provide basic information to public water suppliers regarding:

  • where their drinking water comes from
  • the degree, called susceptibility, to which the drinking water source may be impacted by potential sources of contamination.
Susceptibility Determination

A system's susceptibility was rated on a scale from low to high. To view the complete Source Water Assessment, please search the Drinking Water Branch Virtual File Cabinet.

To find out susceptibility determination of a public water system, you may download or view one of the files below. The spreadsheets are arranged by county. A brief explanation of each column in the spreadsheet:

  • PWSID: Public Water Supply Identification Number
  • System Name: System Name on file with IDEM
  • County Name: County in which the system is located
  • System Status: Current status of system, either Active or Inactive
  • Susceptibility Determination: Final susceptibility determination made by IDEM
Source Water Protection Workshop (2012)
Resources for Pesticides and Nutrients in Source Water:
Regional / State:
Local (Watershed):

Top 10 Ways You Can Protect Ground Water

  1. Dispose of chemicals properly. Do not pour chemicals down drains!
  2. Take used motor oil to a recycling center.
  3. Limit the amount of fertilizer and pesticides used on gardens and lawns.
  4. Properly abandon unused wells or cisterns.
  5. Dispose of household hazardous waste properly.
  6. Remove abandoned fuel oil and gasoline tanks properly.
  7. Keep septic systems well maintained.
  8. Report illegal dumping.
  9. Minimize the use of de-icers.
  10. Get involved in water educational programs.

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