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Online Emission Statement Reporting System

The Emission Inventory Tracking System (EMITS) is an online tool for reporting the emission statement. This will no longer require reporters to install software, and will allow users to submit the emission statement electronically.


1. What is EMITS?

The Emission Inventory Tracking System (EMITS) is a tool made available to those companies that are required to report their air emissions under the Emission Statement Rule (326 IAC 2-6). The system was designed to take advantage of a centralized database that will no longer require reporters to install software on their computers and also allow for quick updates as required. EMITS can also act as a source to recover lost or previous reports as it will hold multiple years worth of data.

2. Who can access EMITS?

EMITS is limited to those that are required to report their emissions. IDEM makes summary data of the submission available to the public. More detailed data can be made available upon request.

EMITS User Tips

1. Creating/Copying a Year for data entry

How to copy an existing year to create a new year of data in EMITS for updating:

  1. Select the name in the left panel, opening the tree view.
  2. Select "Years", further opening the tree.
  3. Select the Year you want to copy.
  4. Now right click on the selected year and choose Copy Year.

How to create a Blank Year to start data entry from scratch:

  1. Select the name in the left panel, opening the tree view.
  2. Select "Years".
  3. Now right click on “Years” and select “Add New Years” from the menu.
2. A Security Information question keeps popping up

The following question keeps popping up when using EMITS:

This is due to some security settings in Internet Explorer. You may be able to turn this off by following these instructions:

  1. Click on Tools in the Menu Bar, and select Internet Options.
  2. In the Internet Options window select the Security tab.
  3. Now click on the Custom Level button.
  4. Scroll down the list to the heading titled Miscellaneous and find the option titled “Display mixed content”.
  5. Click on the Enable for Display mixed content, Click on OK.
  6. Click on Yes when asked if you are sure.
  7. Click on OK to close the Internet Options window.

If this doesn’t work, or if you are not granted the rights to do this you will need to contact your technical support

3. The reports won't run

"When clicking on 'Run Report' nothing happens." This is most likely caused by a Pop-up Blocker on your internet browser. In Internet Explorer you may see a bar appear across the top of the web page telling you that a pop-up has been blocked. In this case you may click on the bar and get a menu. On that menu are selections for allowing the pop-ups from this site.

For other situations you will have to either refer to the help options for your software or get help from your technical support.