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ICSB Accountability System

The Indiana Charter School Board ("ICSB") is committed to fulfilling its role as a high-quality charter school authorizer by holding its schools accountable across a variety of performance dimensions. The accountability system described in these documents is rooted in the ICSB's guiding principles: 1) Students First; 2) High Expectations; 3) Excellence in Leadership; 4) Commitment to Innovation; and 5) Rigorous and Transparent Accountability. In addition, the accountability system strives to achieve the appropriate balance between an authorizer's obligation to protect student and public interests and uphold school autonomy.

The revised ICSB Accountability System was approved by ICSB members in the January 2020 public meeting. The Accountability System for Adult High Schools was approved in the November 2012 public meeting. The core components of the system are the charter agreement and the Accountability System, which is incorporated into the charter agreement. The Pre-Opening Checklist is also incorporated into the charter agreement.

It consists of a set of standard goals and outcome measures across three performance dimensions: academic success, financial health, and organizational compliance.  (Note that the Accountability System linked above is current.) These outcome measures enable the ICSB to assess on a consistent basis the performance of each school within its portfolio. A school's progress as measured against the Accountability System performance dimensions is assessed through a combination of written reports, data submission, and school site visits. This collective body of evidence is used to assess school performance over the charter term and also forms the basis for charter renewal decisions. To ensure full transparency, ICSB performance assessments will be reported annually to the school's leader and Board of Directors. It is the intent of the ICSB that annual assessments will encourage constructive dialogue among the school's leadership team regarding continuous improvement efforts.

For more information on the A-F system, including a link to the administrative rule, an overview of the model, a grade calculation workbook, please visit the IDOE's Student-Centered Accountability webpage.  For more general accountability information, including links to Annual Performance Reports and historical A-F results, please visit the IDOE's Office of Accountability.