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2011 Hearing Reports

The first two letters in the docket number refer to the category of the claim.

HO= Housing
PA= Public Accommodation
ED= Education
EM= Employment

The second set of two letters refer to the area of discrimination.

ra= Race
re= Religion
no= National Origin
se= Sex
ha= Handicap
sh= Sexual Harassment

The first two numbers are the year in which the case was filed and the second set of two numerals is the month.

Docket No. HOha11030128
Smith v. Reid

Docket No. EMra08030195
Fitzpatrick v. Faros, Inc.

Docket No. HOha11050272
Smith v. Stallard and Associates

Docket No. EMha11010016
Lange v. Rolls Royce Corporation

Docket No. EMse07070325
Moore v. Balloon-A-Wish, LLC

Docket No. EMra06060202
Gee v. Metaldyne

Docket No. HOno11050184
Smith v. Carter and The Carter Building

Docket No. EMsh06120559
Brothers v. Golden Egg Pancake House, Inc.

Docket No. EMsh10090438
Pope v. Trevis

Docket No. EMra10070337
Swain v. Master Park, Inc.

Docket No. EMra09090328
Mason v. GG Trucking, Inc.

Docket No. EMse10020064
Vanarsdall v. Performance Strategies, Inc.

Docket No. EMsh10090404
Rhoda v. Gary Nondorf d/b/a Valparaiso Dental Professionals

Docket No. EMsh1050208
Kirk v. Cagney's Saloon

Docket No. EMha10030092
Chaffins v. Meridian Services Corporation

Docket No. EMra07110544
Hale v. American Institute of Toxicology, Inc.

Docket No. EMha09080265
Loudermilk v. Morgan County Human Society

Docket No. HOra09120447
Collier v. Eytcheson

Docket No. HOra10040162
Smith, in his official capacity as Executive Director of the Indiana Civil Rights Commission; and Gilbert v. Okner, Hunter College Crossing

Docket No. EMra10070288
Suggs v. Oasis Cafe

Docket No. HOfs10120544
Smith, in his official capacity as Executive Director of the Indiana Civil Rights Commission v. Historic Landmark [S Foundation] of Indiana [Inc.] and Morrow

Docket No. HOra08080500
Whyte v. Portone, Carbonarie and Sakus

Docket No. EMsh08090593
Appleton v. One Vision Corp. d/b/a Vision Sports Pub

Docket No. PAno08090588
Ramos v. Enzo Pizza, Inc.; and Tomasso & Carmela, Inc. d/b/a Enzo Pizza

Docket No. HOra09050139
Smith v. Landmark Apartments, and Landmark Boulders Indianapolis, LP

Docket No. EMra09030100
Bufkin v. B & M Concrete Construction Corporation

Docket No. HOha10050206
Smith v. Tom & Patty Kiritsis d/b/a Lantern Estates Mobile Home Court, and Tom Kiritsis II, President, Magdim Le, Inc. d/b/a Lantern Estates Mobile Home Community

Docket No. HOha10030117
Smith v. Jeff Jones; Pendragon Properties; Bob Isgrigg & Associates; and Smith Neubecker & Associates, Inc.

Docket No. EMre08060382
Aldrin v. Mittal Steel

Docket No. HOra09090331
Smith v. Alvin and Karen Cokerham