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Final Orders

Decisions by the ICRC Administrative Law Judge

The Indiana Civil Rights Commission's Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) holds hearings on some charges filed with the agency where probable cause is found, and voluntary conciliation of the charge has not been successful. The Administrative Law Judge then prepares a report and recommendation for the Commissioners on the case, which can then be approved, rejected or modified by the Commission before issuing their final order.

Standing Orders

Order: Finding of Necessity

Order: Automatic Adoption and Approval of Certain Non-Final Decisions

Order: Service on the Commission as Ultimate Authority

2021 Final Orders

Docket No.  HOrt20080264
ICRC vs. Kinzie Realty Corporation

Docket No. HOra18110597
ICRC vs. Deborah Cantwell

Docket No. HOha20070231
ICRC vs. Kinzie Realty Corp & Tiberon Trails Apartments

Docket No. HOha20030148
ICRC vs. Gene B. Glick Properties

Docket No. EMse16051200
Teresa Coy vs. Phoenix Grading, Inc.

Docket No. EMha16071334
Chapelle Lester vs. Pharmakon Long Term Care Pharmacy

Docket No. HOha19110612
ICRC vs. Real America Management

Docket No. EMra18030144
Brandon Sherrell vs. FXIndy

Docket No. EMha16071334
Clarence Brown vs. CVS Pharmacy

Docket No. Emha16111569
Ruth Dumes vs. Functional Medicine of Indianapolis

2020 Final Orders

Docket No. EMse19040253
Ashely Gammons vs. Euell Enterprise Corporation
Docket No. HOha18020101
ICRC vs. Brendan Woods Apartments
Docket No. Hora19040243
ICRC vs. Kirkpatrick Management & Twin Creek Homeowner Association, INC.
Docket No. Hora19050297
ICRC vs. Kirkpatrick Management & Twin Creek Homeowner Association, INC.
Docket No. EMha16071334
Chapelle Lester vs. Pharmakon Long Terk Care Pharmacy, INC. and D&D Pharma LTC
Docket No. EMra16101525
Christopher Gavin vs. Standens INC.
Docket No. EMha18010010
Samual Evens vs. Lamb Mechanical (ED. Jay Lamb/Wilson)
Docket No. HOha18040186
ICRC vs. Lafayette Urban Ministry
Docket No.  HOrt13011688
Williams vs. Golf View Apartments, Inc. and Lazo
Docket No. PAra18010013
Freeman vs. Kilroy's Bar N Grill
Docket No. 470-2018-03204
Gutknecht vs. AES

2019 Final Orders

Docket No. EMra17101314
Jeffrey Turner vs. Mercedes-Benz of Lafayette and Mike Raisor Auto Group
Docket No. EMha18070434
Robert Brownson vs. Finzel's Mastertech
Docket No. EMno17051098
Jose Garcia vs. The Garden Table
Docket No. HOha18040186
ICRC vs. Lafayette Urban Ministry
Docket No. PAha19040234
Thomas Jordan vs. 8 Seconds Saloon
Docket No. EMra12041133
Lymon vs. UAW Local Union 2209
Docket No. EMha13101544
Yufen Dusan vs. Belterra Casino
Docket No. PAha17071197
Elias vs. Kilroy's Bar and Grill
Docket No. EMra16031074
Ervin vs. U & Me Logisitics Final Order
Docket No. EMra16061244
Farmer v. Evansville Vanderburg School 
Docket No. EMse16010928
Groce v. Cryotec, Inc. 
Docket No. EMra16021034
Harris v. Lifetime Properties, Inc.
Docket No. HOha17061140
ICRC vs. Beach Rentals Final Order
Docket No. HOfs17010013
ICRC vs. Betty Jo Wilkening Final Order
Docket No. HOse18090520
ICRC vs. Columns of Castleton
Docket No. HOha17061143
ICRC vs. Creative Approach Realty Complex
Docket No. HOha18050295
ICRC vs. Gamma Phi Beta Housing Corp.
Docket No. HOfs18100589
ICRC vs. GM Regional Development, LLC
Docket No. HOsh18080483
ICRC vs. Goodwin Plaza Apartments, LLC
Docket No. HOha18040235
ICRC vs. Sheffield Woods Apartments, LLC
Docket No. HOfs18010015
ICRC vs. Stauffer
Docket No. EMse16061276
ISIDORO vs. J & R Interior Trim et al
Docket No. EMra16061232
Key vs. Campagna 
Docket No. EMha17051071
Kuss vs. CTI
Docket No. EMrt15070493
Nancy Shepard vs. Town of Ingalls
Docket No. EMrt14020095
Ogden vs. IDWD
Docket No. Para16071298
Bowman vs.Tiki Bob's Nightclub
Docket No. HOfs18090558
ICRC vs. Drummond Management

2018 Final Orders

Docket No. EDra10040160
Ky'Alla Williams v. School City of Mishawaka
Docket No. EMse15010058
Jenneifer Flores v. Benjamin's Family Restaurant 
Docket No. PAha14100808
Taron Tyson v. Greenwood Pain Management 
Docket No. PAha1506450
Alex Santana v. City of Hammond 
Docket No. EMra16041136
Myron Atkins v. Heartland Food Products
Docket No. PAra14070504
Andreias Hagepanos v. The Cover Girl LLC
Docket No. EMrt16091458
Claudia White v. Thomas Carr Howe High School/Charter Schools USA
Docket No. EMse15120841
Jennifer Bell v. Stampfil Associates C.P.A's, P.C.
Docket No. HOha14120981
Commission v. John H. Boner Community Center, and James Taylor 
Docket No. EMha15010011
Calvin Watkins v. Gary Housing Authority 
Docket No. HOha17121436
ICRC v. Douglas Furbee
Docket No.HOha17071158
ICRC v. Max Winchell
Docket No. EMrt10110515
Nikia Lucas v. CR Works, Inc. 
Docket No. EMha15020122
Don Wright v. Penn Township Trustee

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