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Governor's Reception Award Nominations

In partnership with Indiana Black Expo, the Indiana Civil Rights Commission will host the Governor’s Reception on July 12, 2022. Governor Eric J. Holcomb honored six African-American Hoosiers for their exceptional efforts across diverse fields—including education, community leadership and civil rights—at the Awards Celebration.

The celebration acknowledges the outstanding achievement of African Americans throughout the State of Indiana. These awards recognize some of the community’s unsung heroes who work work tirelessly for the advancement of all Hoosiers.

2022 Awards

Achievement in Business & Entrepreneurship: This recipient has excelled in industry and uses their accomplishments to give back to the community

Achievement in Education: This award recognizes an educator who has used innovative strategies to increase achievement for their students.

Rev. Charles Williams Award: This recipient’s achievements have stood the test of time and left a lasting legacy and positive impact on the community.

Sam Jones Trailblazer Award: The recipient is the ultimate pillar of their community; their efforts have afforded rights and liberties that did not exist previously.

“Next Level” Award: This award recognizes the impact, initiative, and service to the community from an up-and-coming leader. The recipients invoke community involvement, cultivate community initiatives, and exemplify leadership in civil rights.

Harold O. Hatcher Award: This award recognizes an Indiana Civil Rights Commission staff member who provides exceptional customer service, shows exemplary leadership skills, ingenuity in their role, and commitment to serving the public's interest of eradicating discrimination. The recipient is chosen by the Executive Director of the Indiana Civil Rights Commission.

Nominations are now closed.

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