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Closed Schools & Student Transcripts

The Indiana Archives and Records Administration (IARA) maintains academic transcripts submitted by closed proprietary educational institutions: for-profit business, trade, and vocational schools regulated by the Indiana Board for Proprietary Education (BPE).

IARA does not maintain the transcripts of any public, private, or charter high schools.  For post-2005 graduates, contact for your high school records. For pre-2005 graduates, contact your school corporation. For GED or HSE records, contact

To request your transcript:

  1. See the List of Defunct Proprietary Institutions to confirm whether IARA has transcripts from your school.
  2. Submit a Request and Authorization for Release of Student Records.
  3. After submitting the authorization form, you will receive an email within 3-5 business days confirming that we have or have not located your transcript. If we have your transcript, you will be instructed to submit payment. There is a $15 fee.
  4. After receiving confirmation from us, submit your payment here: or mail a check, cash, or money order to the Indiana State Archives at 6440 East 30th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46219.
  5. Within 3-5 business days of receiving your payment, your transcript will be sent to the address you requested.
  6. Third-party verification companies should submit a signed release form from the student, the student’s name, school, campus, and dates attended, as well as contact information to We cannot complete transcript requests over the phone.

Tips for filling out the Authorization Form:

  • Include your maiden name or any other names you might have attended school under.
  • Include the location of the school. (For example: Did you attend Medtech College in Indianapolis or Ft. Wayne?)
  • Include the address to which we should send the transcript. For job or school applications, you should have IARA send the transcript directly to the job or school.
  • If you cannot fill out the authorization form online, you may print out a PDF version and follow the instructions on the form to send it via postal mail:
  • If you need assistance, send an email to We cannot complete transcript requests over the phone.

Easy access links:

What to do for transcripts not held at IARA:

  • Bible institutions and colleges: Please contact the institution, church, or diocese regarding institutional status and student records. Generally, these institutions are not regulated by the Board of Proprietary Education.
  • Elementary and secondary schools (through grade 12): Please contact your local school corporation or the Indiana Department of Education.
  • GED transcripts: Please contact Diploma Sender. You may email questions concerning your GED transcript to support at
  • Indiana private colleges and universities: Please contact the institution. A listing is available via the Independent Colleges of Indiana.
  • Indiana public colleges and universities: Please contact the institution, as all remain in operation. A listing is available via the Indiana Commission for Higher Education.
  • Non-degree granting post-secondary schools: Please contact the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, Office for Career and Technical Schools.
  • Professional licensing institutions: Please contact the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency.
  • If the school is still open, you should contact the school.