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Closed Schools & Student Transcripts

The Indiana Archives and Records Administration (IARA) maintains academic transcripts submitted by closed proprietary educational institutions: for-profit business, trade, and vocational schools regulated by the Indiana Board for Proprietary Education.

To request your transcript: 

  1. See the List of Defunct Proprietary Institutions to confirm whether IARA has transcripts from your school.
  2. Submit a Request and Authorization for Release of Student Records.
  3. After submitting the authorization form, you will receive an email within 3-5 business days confirming that we have or have not located your transcript. If we have your transcript, you will be instructed to submit payment. There is a $15 fee.
  4. After receiving confirmation from us, submit your payment here: https://www.in.gov/iara/services-for-public/make-an-online-payment/ or mail a check, cash, or money order to the Indiana State Archives at 6440 East 30th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46219.
  5. Within 3-5 business days of receiving your payment, your transcript will be sent to the address you requested.
  6. Third-party verification companies should submit a signed release form from the student, the student’s name, school, campus, and dates attended, as well as contact information to arc@iara.in.gov. We cannot complete transcript requests over the phone.

Tips for filling out the Authorization Form:

  • Include your maiden name or any other names you might have attended school under.
  • Include the location of the school. (For example: Did you attend Medtech College in Indianapolis or Ft. Wayne?)
  • Include the address to which we should send the transcript. For job or school applications, you should have IARA send the transcript directly to the job or school.
  • If you cannot fill out the authorization form online, you may print out a PDF version and follow the instructions on the form to send it via postal mail: https://forms.in.gov/Download.aspx?id=5470
  • If you need assistance, send an email to arc@iara.in.gov. We cannot complete transcript requests over the phone.

Easy access links:

What to do for transcripts not held at IARA:

  • Bible institutions and colleges: Please contact the institution, church, or diocese regarding institutional status and student records. Generally, these institutions are not regulated by the Board of Proprietary Education.
  • Elementary and secondary schools (through grade 12): Please contact your local school corporation or the Indiana Department of Education.
  • GED transcripts: Please contact Diploma Sender. You may email questions concerning your GED transcript to support at diplomasender.com.
  • Indiana private colleges and universities: Please contact the institution. A listing is available via the Independent Colleges of Indiana.
  • Indiana public colleges and universities: Please contact the institution, as all remain in operation. A listing is available via the Indiana Commission for Higher Education.
  • Non-degree granting post-secondary schools: Please contact the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, Office for Career and Technical Schools.
  • Professional licensing institutions: Please contact the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency.
  • If the school is still open, you should contact the school.