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Professional Records

Licensee Files


1857-1897 Indiana State Teacher’s Association Register and Minutes

A copy of the original member roll of the Indiana State Teacher’s Association is included in the Department of Education Collection. This is the only known such register, and included education, nativity, and salary information for its members. The Archives also holds the minutes for the Association's annual meetings up to 1911.

Teacher’s License Applications

The Archives has several accessions of Teacher’s License Application and renewals covering most of the 20th century. Files include educational and professional information, test results, and any relevant complaints, suspensions, revocations, or appeals. Records from 1923-1958 have been card indexed but are not included in the Research Indiana Index. Files less than 75 years old may need to be reviewed for personal information prior to release. Modern requests for teacher’s licenses should be directed to the Department of Education.

Other professions

While the Archives does hold a variety of licensee files for other professions, many of these accessions are either sampled or only cover sporadic time spans. Such professions include surveyors, engineers, nurses, and architects. Names will be added to the Research Indiana Indexes as they are indexed. Modern requests for professional licensing information should be directed to the Professional Licensing Agency.

Professional Board Minutes

The Archives holds minutes for dozens of professional boards, including engineers, architects, nurses, and cosmetologists.  Board minutes include discussion of and votes for changes to certification requirements, board internal business, and appeals from denied, suspended, or revoked licensees, among other topics. Minutes can be quickly located using the Container or Series search in the online catalog by searching for the profession in question “AND minutes”.

Indianapolis Public Safety Commission Personnel Records

The Archives holds personnel files from the Indianapolis Public Safety Commission ranging from 1890 to 1926. These personnel files have been digitized and are included in the Indianapolis Public Library’s digital collection here: The records include identifying information, profession, and any promotions, demotions, or other disciplinary action taken towards the employee.

Notable records in this collection include those of Albert Perrott, the man who introduced fingerprinting to the city, and the first policewomen in Indianapolis including Emma Christy Baker.

State Manning Tables

The Archives holds a comprehensive record of all State personnel from 1963 onwards in the form of microfilm and microfiche manning tables. These tables include the name, salary information, position and start date of all employees.