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Online Tutorial: State Government Records - Creating and Updating Records Retention Schedules

State Employee Learning Center

To take this course for credit in the State Employee Learning Center in SuccessFactors:

  1. Log in to SuccessFactors.
  2. Click the dropdown menu button on the top-left that says "Home" and choose "Learning."
  3. In the "Find Learning" box, type "IARA" then click Go.
  4. IARA's current course offerings will be displayed, and you can choose this course (ELRN SOI_IARA_000005) to take or review!

IARA Visual Player

Want to watch it right here? You can use the blue navigation arrows to move backward and forward through the presentation, once they appear on each screen. Their appearance will be slightly delayed in order to make sure you've had time to read the contents of the page before moving on to the next.

You can also view the presentation in full-screen mode, if you prefer. The full-size player will open in another window/tab.

Creating and Updating Records Retention Schedules for State of Indiana Agencies

Want to print it out? We've got you covered!

Screenreader-friendly files

If you would like to use a screenreader to access this tutorial instead of the visual player, you can find links below to both MS Word and PDF text-only files: