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Electronic Records Program

The Indiana Archives and Records Administration's Electronic Records Program provides guidelines and policy for State and local governments to aid in effective electronic records management in accordance with four core attributes as defined by the National Archives and Records Administration: Authenticity; Reliability; Integrity; Usability.

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Electronic Records Guidance

General Guidance

Guidance Specific to Email

Guidance Specific to Microsoft 365 applications

Electronic Records Policies

How to Transfer Electronic Records

If you have electronic records that are scheduled for transfer to the Indiana Archives, please work with your agency's records coordinator to contact the Electronic Records Program at The program staff will explain the process, determine the extent of the materials, and discuss options for facilitating the transfer. If you do not have specific records to transfer and just want to learn more about transferring records electronically to the Indiana Archives, please reach out to

Destroying Electronic Storage Media

For electronic media destruction information, please see the IARA Electronic Media Destruction Program page.