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Electronic Records Program

The Archives and Records Administration, through the Indiana Electronic Records Program, is working to establish guidelines for State and local governments to aid in the implementation of effective electronic records management programs. The Indiana Electronic Records Policy will provide a framework that illustrates the contents of an effective program by seeking to ensure that governmental units create and manage trustworthy records that demonstrate four core attributes:

  • Authenticity
  • Reliability
  • Integrity
  • Useability

Transferring Electronic Records

Before sending electronic records to the State Archives, a state agency's records coordinator should contact the Electronic Records Specialist by phone at 317-232-3380 or by email at erecords@iara.in.gov to ascertain the extent of the materials and discuss options for facilitating the transfer.

Destroying Electronic Storage Media

For state agency destruction of electronic media, please see the IARA Electronic Media Destruction Program page.

Electronic Records Policies

Electronic Records Guidance

Agency E-Mail and Electronic Records Procedures

Agencies are encouraged to develop internal procedures regarding e-mail and other electronic records, to assist their employees in complying with Policies 20-01 and 20-02. Those listed below are provided as examples for agencies who wish to create similar documents based on their own work processes.