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Destroying Records

Destroying Records Indiana Archives and Records Administration

Properly disposing of records is essential to maintaining effective records systems, but records should NOT be destroyed without following:

  • the Records Retention Schedule that applies to that type of record, if the record is covered by a retention schedule
  • the appropriate approval process for the
    • level of government
      • state
      • county/local
    • status of record
      • covered by a retention schedule
      • not covered by a retention schedule.

Understanding the steps involved with, and consequences of, disposition and destruction will help ensure disposal actions are performed appropriately and in keeping with Indiana requirements.

Records Destruction Resources for State and Local Government

Responsible Records Destruction for State Agencies and County/Local Offices is a publication that covers all aspects of the records destruction process for both state and local government, including explanations of the forms required and where they need to go, as well as destruction of electronic records and media.

Responsible Records Destruction for State of Indiana Agencies is a webinar recorded in April, 2023, specific to State Government. A collaboration between State Records Management, Electronic Records Management, and the State Records Center. Discusses the rules, methods, and options for legally and responsibly disposing of state agency records in both physical and electronic formats, including changes to the process of requesting confidential shredding.  [You can also view or download the slideshow PDF.]

Instructions specific to level of Indiana government may also be found in the County/Local Records Custodian Handbook for county/local government offices, or the State Records Manager Handbook for state agencies.