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Internal Improvements Projects: Contracts for Canal Structures

Organized by item number, date, canal, division and structure type/description.

Canal abbreviations: CC = Cross cut, CE = Central, WE = Wabash & Erie, WW = Whitewater.

No.DateCanalDivisionStructure type
7111/17/36CCEel River FeederEel River Dam
7710/17/36CCEel River FeederEel River Dam
7111/17/36CCEel River FeederGuard lock
7710/17/36CCEel River FeederGuard lock
1905/05/37CCWest of the summitLock 4
3005/07/37CCWest of the summitLock 4
1402/18/47CEIndianapolis DivisionFall Creek Aqueduct
402/18/47CEIndianapolis DivisionLock 1 (guard lock)
502/18/47CEIndianapolis DivisionLock 1 (guard lock)
1002/18/47CEIndianapolis DivisionTowing path breach
1102/18/47CEIndianapolis DivisionTowing path breach
602/18/47CEIndianapolis DivisionTowing path breach
702/18/47CEIndianapolis DivisionTowing path breach
802/18/47CEIndianapolis DivisionTowing path breach
902/18/47CEIndianapolis DivisionTowing path breach
305/27/37CEPigeon CreekFeeder Dam 1
305/27/37CEPigeon CreekFeeder Dam 1 Guard Bank
37611/01/55WE Aqueduct
47508/07/47WE Aqueduct
2705/22/37WE Bridge
19507/31/34WE Bridge
42304/01/52WE Bridge
50111/28/38WE Bridge
52911/28/38WE Bridge
21701/01/50WE Canal bridge
802/25/50WE Road bridge
42304/01/52WE Road bridge
42304/01/52WE Road bridge
47911/13/47WE Road bridge
61007/31/34WE Road bridge
70607/17/38WE Road bridge
75405/06/34WE Road bridge
29906/15/37WE Wooden culvert
21505/06/34WE Dam
707/28/49WE Bridge embankment
2908/26/36WE Guard lock
21608/26/36WE Guard lock
33108/26/36WE Guard lock
14707/17/38WE Guard lock and towpath
49712/01/51WE Kites' Lock
60504/12/49WE Lock
69008/26/36WE Lock
75405/06/34WE Lock
76708/26/36WE Lock
51207/31/34WE Lock 13
39107/31/34WE Lock 17
11111/20/50WE Lock 18
43407/01/49WE Lock 18
48512/15/48WE Locks
42110/01/52WE Repair boat
64310/24/52WE Repair boat
68702/10/57WE Repair boat
68801/30/57WE Repair boat
69801/30/37WE Repair boat
69901/30/37WE Repair boat
43211/01/50WE Repair boats
43311/01/51WE Repair boats
61604/24/50WE Repair boats
9206/01/49WE Waste weir, near Lock 17
30910/15/49WE Waste Weir
42304/01/52WE Waste weir
4709/01/51WEAboite River, site ofRoad bridge
21104/01/56WEAmericusAmericus Bridge
21404/01/56WEAmericusAmericus Bridge
39306/20/56WEAtticaBridge - Wilson's
39406/20/56WEAtticaBridge - Wilson's
73106/01/53WEAtticaCanal bridge - Veder's
9509/17/52WEAtticaWorthington's Warehouse
10108/31/52WEAtticaAttica Lock
10212/01/52WEAtticaAttica Lock gates
63101/07/52WEAtticaDredging the canal
52402/19/53WEAtticaWaste gates
52502/19/53WEAtticaWaste gates
9408/01/58WEBecket Run 
9308/01/58WEBecket RunWooden culvert
53906/09/56WEBirch CreekBirch Creek Reservoir
49508/09/53WEBirch CreekReservoir
75705/25/55WEBirch CreekReservoir embankment
75805/25/55WEBirch CreekReservoir embankment
57602/05/55WEBirch Creek Reservoir 
65903/06/41WEBirmingham BluffsTowing path stone
66105/06/41WEBirmingham BluffsTowing path stone
66403/06/41WEBirmingham BluffsTowing path stone
40001/15/58WEBrookston/ChalmersDirt cart
10604/28/48WEBrown's house, nearRoad bridge
22506/28/55WEBuck CreekBuck Creek Reservoir
11408/20/51WEBull CreekBull Creek Aqueduct
26211/01/54WECarrolltonCanal bridge
26411/01/54WECarrolltonCanal bridge
29712/18/52WECarrolltonLock 31
61201/16/52WECarrolltonLower lock
74406/20/52WECarrolltonUpper lock
6504/23/50WECarrolltonStone pier at Carrolton
53407/20/49WECarrolltonTowing path embankment
60805/20/59WECentral DivisionNewberry to White River
11305/03/51WEClear CreekClear Creek Dam
20111/24/52WEClinton, south of 
20211/24/52WEClinton, south of 
34912/06/47WECoal CreekGuard Bank 1
35412/06/47WECoal CreekGuard Bank 1
63712/04/47WECoal CreekGuard bank
63812/04/47WECoal CreekGuard bank
63912/04/47WECoal CreekGuard bank
57508/09/47WECoal CreekCoal Creek Dam - Guard
68007/01/48WECoal CreekCoal Creek Dam - Guard
53602/01/51WECovingtonDanville Plank Rd. Bridge
54305/15/52WECovingtonRoad bridge
54610/01/52WECovingtonRoad bridge
54710/01/52WECovingtonRoad bridge
31606/21/52WECovingtonSuspension bridge at
35511/01/49WECovingtonDrainage ditches
54202/01/50WECovingtonLock gates
64201/22/56WECovingtonUpper Gates, Covington
53709/20/51WECovingtonWooden crib lock
29201/18/48WECrooked CreekCrooked Creek Aqueduct
45501/20/53WEDaviess Co.Prairie Creek Aqueduct
16601/20/53WEDaviess Co.Embankment - breach
16702/01/53WEDaviess Co.Embankment - breach
54401/20/53WEDaviess Co.Repair of breach
34202/10/53WEDaviess Co.Section 162
28912/12/53WEDeer CreekTowing path bridge
1802/21/48WEDeer CreekDam repairs
47005/01/50WEDeer CreekDeer Creek
71208/01/50WEDeer CreekDeer Creek Dam
64810/14/50WEDeer CreekDeer Creek Dam abutment
28707/01/54WEDeer CreekDeer Creek Guard Lock
65012/07/47WEDeer CreekGuard lock
64810/14/50WEDeer CreekLower lock
909/01/49WEDelphiBridge - Boles' Warehouse
912/01/49WEDelphiBridge - Red Warehouse
1802/21/48WEDelphiDam repairs
39506/24/50WEDelphiWabash Dam 4
51408/10/39WEDelphiWabash Dam 4
71106/05/49WEDelphiWabash Dam 4
28804/19/53WEDelphiDelphi Lock gates
29005/07/56WEDelphiGuard gates
64810/14/50WEDelphiLift lock
66005/01/42WEDelphiMill race
66311/20/38WEDelphiWabash Dam 4 - Mill race
66511/20/38WEDelphiWabash Dam 4 - Mill race
39910/10/54WEDistrict 1Repair boat
41305/01/56WEDistrict 3Lock gates
41405/01/56WEDistrict 3Lock gates
52309/01/54WEDistricts 1 & 2Repair boats.
3107/05/52WEEel River 
3207/05/52WEEel River 
65604/01/58WEEel RiverEel River Aqueduct
32012/06/47WEEel RiverEel River Feeder Dam
20301/01/49WEFlint CreekFlint Creek Aqueduct
25002/16/55WEFlint CreekCanal bridge
25302/18/55WEFlint CreekCanal bridge
33903/10/51WEFt. WayneBarr St. Bridge
19607/01/48WEFt. WayneColumbia Rd. Bridge
19607/01/48WEFt. WayneLima Rd. Bridge
18808/10/49WEFt. WayneLock 1
36308/10/49WEFt. WayneLock 2
26012/11/50WEGeorgetown -Bridge 38
65401/06/63WEGibson Co. Reservoir 
62912/22/53WEGreen (?)Lock 23
19310/20/47WEHuntingtonHuntington locks - wooden
39605/06/34WEHuntingtonLock 11
47305/06/34WEHuntingtonLock 6
207/31/34WEHuntingtonLock 7
9907/01/52WEHuntingtonLocks 8, 9 and 11
20705/06/34WEHuntingtonLocks 9 and 10
11008/10/49WEHuntingtonLower Huntington Locks
40710/10/51WEIndependence LandingState road bridge
42009/02/52WELafayetteChange Bridge
24909/01/53WELafayetteColumbia St. Bridge
24909/01/53WELafayetteFerry St. Bridge
71404/20/50WELafayetteHull & Spencer's Bridge
46005/17/52WELafayetteSouth St. Bridge
23501/03/50WELagroCanal bridge
47407/31/34WELagroLock 14
67207/31/34WELagroLock gate 15
34006/01/49WELagroGuard bank
25406/01/49WELagroTowing path
32901/14/48WELewisburgLewisburg Lock
67712/13/47WELewisburgLewisburg Lock
25912/09/47WELewisburgWooden frame lock
29712/18/52WELockportLock 30
55306/01/52WELockportLock 30
63212/21/52WELockportLock 30
29612/18/52WELocks 24-32Lock gates
33312/29/52WELodiCanal Bridge
56908/17/52WELodiDrainage ditch
40406/24/51WELogansportBroadway Bridge
40311/17/49WELogansportMarket St. Bridge
40102/28/53WELogansportNorth Street Bridge
32808/26/36WELogansportLock 24
35608/26/36WELogansportLock 25
56211/07/55WELogansportLock 25
56312/04/50WELogansportLock 25
10811/20/50WEMiami Co.Lock gates
51505/01/33WEMiddle DivisionLock
52705/18/33WEMiddle Division,Lock 4
25105/10/55WEMontezumaTowing path
25205/10/55WEMontezumaTowing path
64810/14/50WEParagonWabash guard lock
46306/17/49WEParagonParagon guard lock
54510/22/52WEPerryvilleTwo road bridges
14007/01/54WEPerryvillePerrysville Lock
54004/01/49WEPerryvilleGuard gates
55001/22/56WEPerryvilleLock gates
53805/31/52WEPerryvilleWooden crib lock
48207/01/54WEPerryvillePerrysville lock
18901/13/51WEPeruWabash Dam 3 - Towing
2112/28/47WEPeruPeru Feeder Dam
25508/10/47WEPeruPeru Feeder Dam
25608/10/47WEPeruPeru Feeder Dam
72608/17/47WEPeruPeru Feeder Dam
72708/17/47WEPeruPeru Feeder Dam
1608/14/47WEPeruWabash Dam 3
1708/14/47WEPeruWabash Dam 3
18604/19/49WEPeruWabash Dam 3
10008/26/44WEPeruWabash Dam 3 - Water mill
61807/31/34WEPeruWabash Dam 3 and feeder
1103/18/37WEPeruLock 21
50211/07/48WEPeruLock 21
50310/18/48WEPeruLock 5
50711/10/55WEPeruLower Peru Lock
12107/01/56WEPeruLower lock
12207/01/56WEPeruLower lock
2012/13/47WEPeruMiller's Lock (21)
46712/20/51WEPeruMiller's Lock (21)
72012/20/48WEPeruMiller's Lock (21)
71611/10/55WEPeruPeru Locks
3011/10/55WEPeruPeru locks
22811/10/55WEPeruUpper Peru Lock
18901/13/51WEPeruWabash Dam 3 - Lock 20
35206/01/44WEPeruWabash Dam 3
76901/02/37WEPeruWabash Dam 3
77409/09/43WEPeruWabash Dam 3
12708/01/49WEPeruWabash Dam 3 - Water mill
58909/04/43WEPeruWabash Dam 3 Watermill
60203/04/45WEPeruWater mill, Lock 16
1503/01/48WEPeruMiller's Lock
1503/01/48WEPeruPeru Feeder
43003/20/49WEPeruTow path
42304/01/52WEPetersburg DivisionDouble track bridge
17003/11/54WEPetersburg DivisionEmbankment - breach
48703/13/54WEPetersburg DivisionSection break
17504/01/56WEPittsburgMill Race Bridge
17404/01/56WEPittsburgMill Race bridge
10907/30/49WEPittsburgPittsburg Dam
37807/20/49WEPittsburgPittsburg Dam
37905/30/49WEPittsburgPittsburg Dam
16405/03/49WEPittsburgPittsburg Feeder Dam
33608/01/55WEPittsburgWabash Dam
47704/14/41WEPittsburgWabash Dam 4
47804/14/41WEPittsburgWabash Dam 4
50504/14/41WEPittsburgWabash Dam 4
64905/03/49WEPittsburgWabash Dam 4
65202/07/49WEPittsburgWabash Dam 4
65104/06/52WEPittsburgGuard lock and gates
33409/10/52WEPittsburgPittsburg Guard Lock
31411/24/51WEPortlandRoad bridge
73506/18/56WEPortlandShawnee Dam
73606/18/56WEPortlandShawnee Dam
34401/10/55WEPrairie HouseCounty Road Bridge
35001/10/55WEPrairie HouseCounty road bridge
31810/15/56WEShawnee DamAbutment
68604/22/54WESilver CreekArched culvert
68902/01/56WESilver Creek BluffDredging
54202/01/50WESilver IslandRoad bridge
17603/26/59WESouthern DivisionMaintenance - Southern
64006/08/48WESouthern DivisionRepairs
71511/05/32WESt. Joseph FeederAqueduct
73411/06/32WESt. Joseph FeederRoad bridge
76511/06/32WESt. Joseph FeederRoad bridge
9308/01/58WESt. Joseph FeederHadsdon culvert
1411/06/32WESt. Joseph FeederSt. Joseph Dam
285 WESt. Joseph FeederSt. Joseph Dam
76609/01/37WESt. Joseph FeederSt. Joseph Feeder Dam
19206/01/47WESt. Joseph FeederSt. Joseph Feeder and Dam
71511/05/32WESt. Joseph FeederGuard lock
31905/18/76WESt. Joseph FeederSt. Joseph Dam
11209/15/51WEState Line andCanal bridges
11209/15/51WEState Line andLock gates
66207/17/38WESteam Boat CanalSteam Boat Lock 1
66707/17/38WESteam Boat CanalSteam Boat Lock 1
2612/29/53WESugar CreekSugar Creek Aqueduct
62001/25/54WESugar CreekSugar Creek Aqueduct
13906/01/54WESugar CreekSugar Creek Aqueduct &
57809/01/49WESugar CreekSugar Creek Dam and Guard
57909/01/49WESugar CreekSugar Creek Dam and Guard
58009/01/49WESugar CreekSugar Creek Dam and Guard
68206/29/47WESugar CreekSugar Creek Feeder Dam
77302/01/57WESugar CreekSugar Creek Feeder Dam
36708/21/49WETerre HauteFirst Street Bridge
16007/03/49WETerre HauteRoad bridge
69605/29/48WETerre HauteRoad bridge
69605/29/48WETerre HauteLock
72107/26/62WETerre HauteCanal lease to
59107/06/58WETerre HauteEmbankment
49306/25/61WETerre HauteMaintenance - to Eel
49406/25/61WETerre HauteMaintenance - to Eel
18508/10/65WETerre HauteMaintenance - to
65309/06/58WETerre HauteTowing path
15306/01/51WETerre HauteTowing path - Terre Haute
59601/01/58WETerre Haute, StationEmbankment
3701/10/53WETerre Haute, south ofBrick Creek Reservoir
48611/16/49WETerre Haute, south ofWhite River Aqueduct
16211/20/48WETerre Haute, south ofRoad bridge
16311/20/48WETerre Haute, south ofRoad bridge
16807/03/49WETerre Haute, south ofRoad bridge
37108/10/50WETerre Haute, south ofRoad bridge
49105/29/48WETerre Haute, south ofRoad bridge
49105/29/48WETerre Haute, south ofRoad bridge
49105/29/48WETerre Haute, south ofRoad bridge
51011/16/49WETerre Haute, south ofRoad bridge
67311/20/48WETerre Haute, south ofRoad bridge
67411/20/48WETerre Haute, south ofRoad bridge
67511/20/48WETerre Haute, south ofRoad bridge
67511/20/48WETerre Haute, south ofRoad bridge
69206/29/48WETerre Haute, south ofRoad bridge
70911/20/48WETerre Haute, south ofRoad bridge
73005/29/48WETerre Haute, south ofRoad bridge
76807/03/49WETerre Haute, south ofRoad bridge
59807/03/49WETerre Haute, south ofTowing path bridge
59707/03/49WETerre Haute, south ofDam
34305/29/48WETerre Haute, south ofFeeder Dam
26105/29/48WETerre Haute, south ofFeeder Dam Section
3605/24/48WETerre Haute, south of 
507/03/49WETerre Haute, south ofLock
611/20/48WETerre Haute, south ofLock
16807/03/49WETerre Haute, south ofLock
18405/29/48WETerre Haute, south ofLock
69701/31/50WETerre Haute, south ofLock
16211/20/48WETerre Haute, south ofLock gates
67311/20/48WETerre Haute, south ofLock gates
3805/29/48WETerre Haute, south ofLock gates & mitre sills
3805/29/48WETerre Haute, south ofLock gates & mitre sills
40511/13/47WETippecanoe, west ofRoad bridge
47611/30/47WETippecanoe, west ofRoad bridge
61108/09/47WETippecanoe, west ofRoad bridge
68206/29/47WETippecanoe, west ofRoad bridge
68206/29/47WETippecanoe, west ofRoad bridge
45712/06/47WETippecanoe, west ofCoal Creek Dam
46112/06/47WETippecanoe, west ofCoal Creek Dam
6608/09/47WETippecanoe, west ofCoal Creek Dam, Guard
7008/09/47WETippecanoe, west ofCoal Creek Dam, guard
4608/09/47WETippecanoe, west ofLock 7
19108/09/47WETippecanoe, west ofLock gates and miters
53512/26/50WEVicksburgLock gates
18710/21/55WEWabashHelms Creek culvert
11305/03/51WEWabash DamWabash Dam 1
64705/06/34WEWabash DamWabash Dam 1 and feeder
64810/14/50WEWabash DamWabash Dam 1 and feeder
4808/23/38WEWabash RiverGrand Rapids Dam
51308/23/38WEWabash RiverGrand Rapids Lock
75111/23/37WEWabash RiverGrand Rapids Lock
10811/20/50WEWabash and MiamiThree bridges
14505/20/52WEWalker's BluffTowing path
73206/01/52WEWalker's BluffTowing path
74006/04/52WEWalker's BluffTowing path
74106/04/52WEWalker's BluffTowing path
6401/01/49WEWeaWea feeder embankment
42605/02/53WEWeaLocktender's house
50405/15/52WEWeaWea Lock
50005/28/52WEWeaWooden crib lock
34701/18/48WEWea BluffsWharf
34801/18/48WEWea BluffsWharf
43903/19/48WEWestport, Parke Co.Section 97
11602/08/65WEWhite CountyConveyance of land
42707/03/49WEWhite RiverWhite River Aqueduct
13105/08/47WEWild Cat CreekRoad bridge and towing
6805/08/47WEWild Cat CreekTowing path bridge
6905/08/47WEWild Cat CreekTowing path bridge
49902/26/51WEWild Cat CreekWild Cat Dam
71305/01/50WEWild Cat CreekWild Cat Dam
24605/31/49WEWild Cat CreekLower Wild Cat Lock
49610/14/50WEWild Cat CreekGuard lock
49610/14/50WEWild Cat CreekGuard lock
49809/24/51WEWild Cat CreekGuard lock
50907/01/53WEWild Cat CreekWild Cat Locks
9101/01/49WEWilliamsportRepair of breach
2404/04/37WW Lock 15
2404/04/37WW Lock 16
2104/04/37WW Lock 17
2304/04/37WW Lock 3

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