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Electronic Records Program

The Indiana Archives and Records Administration’s Electronic Records Program assists state and local government employees with the special challenges of organizing, digitizing, maintaining, destroying, and applying records retention requirements to electronic records. We create guidance, policies, and standards for electronic records, provide outreach education and workshops on electronic records management, and are the point of contact for Records Coordinators transferring electronic records to the Indiana state archives.

Electronic Records Guidance and Policies

IARA’s Electronic Records Guidelines is a robust reference guide for use by State and Local government to aid them in their electronic records management responsibilities. It is a best practice guide on electronic records management including: scanning/digitization, electronic records storage locations, electronic mailboxes, social media records management, file management, permanent electronic records, electronic recordkeeping systems, deleting electronic records, etc.…

20-01: Electronic Records Retention and Disposition (effective 1/15/2020, replaces Policies 06-01 and 12-01)
Purpose: To ensure electronic records are retained in a trustworthy, accessible, and appropriate manner.

20-02: Electronic Records Technical Standards (effective 1/15/2020, replaces Policies 06-01 and 12-01)
Purpose: To establish consistent standards for the creation and maintenance of public electronic records.

22-01: Retention, Disposition, and Archival Responsibilities for State Staff Electronic Mailboxes (effective 5/25/2022)
Purpose: To ensure that email composed, sent received and stored via the State of Indiana’s electronic mail system are retained in accordance with Records Retention Schedules approved by the Oversight Committee on Public Records.

For a full list of all IARA publications, including the Electronic Records Program's, please see the IARA Publications page.

Have questions about storing your electronic records, scanning paper records, deleting electronic records, email management, electronic recordkeeping systems, or managing permanent electronic records, etc. – send us an email at or give us a call (317) 591-5222!

We are a hands-on team and ready to help Indiana’s State and Local government offices with their electronic records management needs and are available for consultation (in-person or remotely).

Transferring Electronic Records

If you have electronic records that are scheduled for transfer to the Indiana Archives, please visit the Transfer Records to State Archives webpage for more information. If you do not have specific records to transfer and just want to learn more about transferring records electronically to the Indiana Archives, please reach out to

Transferring Records to State Archives
ER Workshop Webinars

Workshops & Training

Please visit our Workshops and Training page for our list of published self-paced tutorials and recordings of previous live webinars.

Workshops & Training

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