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Critical Records Program

The Indiana Archives and Records Administration's Critical Records Program provides guidance and support to State and local governments that create and maintain records that are designated as CRITICAL on an Oversight Committee on Public Records approved retention schedule. This program was developed in accordance with IC 5-15-5.1-12.

The guidance and policies below were developed to assist State and local governments in making defensible and sustainable decisions about how they create, maintain, access, and preserve their critical records. If you have questions about this program, please reach out to if you are with the State, and to if you are with a County/local office.

What are Critical Records?

Critical Records are defined in IC 5-15-5.1 as records that are necessary to:

  1. Resume or continue governmental operations;
  2. Reestablish the legal and financial responsibilities of government in Indiana; or
  3. Protect and fulfill governmental obligations to the citizens of Indiana.

Critical Records Guidance

Policies Pertaining to Critical Records