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COVID-19 Record Collection Guidelines for Indiana Government Offices

Blue folder with 'RECORDS' across the top and a COVID-19 molecule superimposed on the front of the folderThe Indiana Archives and Records Administration is working to document the State of Indiana’s COVID-19 response. Records created during this time are critical in chronicling how agencies reacted to the pandemic while continuing to provide services to Hoosiers.

We encourage state agencies to proactively retain records specifically related to the COVID-19 situation. Among the records that should be retained for future transfer to the Indiana Archives are:

  • Decisions, minutes, and related documentation of committees, advisory boards, and other public meetings.
  • Operational policies developed in response to the pandemic such as telework, social distancing, Personal Protective Equipment, and reopening plans.
  • Communications and training developed around newly-implemented policies and procedures.
  • Press releases and other public messaging, including social media.
  • Internal and external publications.
  • Photographs and agency web content.
  • Timelines, maps, and other aggregate data.
  • Reports and related review and analysis documentation.
  • Records of assistance to – or collaboration with – other entities, agencies, or individuals.
  • Agency pandemic response and planning documents.

These are just some examples of the records that should be retained. This list is not comprehensive or format-dependent. Any agency action occurring as a direct response to COVID-19 should be documented and retained as part of the historical record.

  • IARA has created a Record Series specifically for records of this type -- not just COVID --- any state of emergency or major historical event that involves government work or assistance: GRADM-10 on the  General Retention Schedule for All State Agencies.

  • We've also released new guidance for using that Record Series: Guidance on Gathering and Transferring GRADM-10 Records (New as of March 2022!)

Your agency may have other records of historical value, and we are happy to consult on the types of records and document formats (especially digital). As the State of Indiana’s information technology adoption continues to evolve, IARA will make further guidance available on this website and via your agency’s Records Coordinator.

Please refer to the Services for Government section of our website for existing published guidelines and policies, or contact with questions.

Thank you for your help with preserving these important records.

IARA’s guidelines were adapted from: