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Blue and yellow flyer containing an image of the Indiana Archives and Records Administration logo, and the following text: WEBINAR MARCH 28TH, 2023 9:30 – 11:30 AM MICROSOFT TEAMS Teams Link?  WHAT IS THE  COUNTY COMMISSION OF PUBLIC RECORDS? Understanding your role as Secretary  for your County Commission of Public Records   Each County Commission of Public Records helps YOU as a county/local government agency manage the public records created or received by your office.   This webinar will provide an overview of the County Commission of Public Records, its members and meetings, who the Secretary and Chairperson are, the Secretary’s duties, examples of documentation and disposition approval forms, and much more.    For more information:  Amy Christiansen Records Management Liaison  (812) 929-3882 Are you a County Clerk or Recorder? ──── New to the role of Commission Secretary? ──── What is the Commission  all about? ──── How do I conduct a Commission meeting? ──── Attend this free webinar for answers!  INDIANA ARCHIVES & RECORDS ADMINISTRATION 402 W Washington St. Room 472 Indianapolis, IN 46204Publications

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