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Sexual Risk Avoidance Education Grant Program (SRAE)

The Title V State SRAE Program aims to provide education to youth that normalizes the optimal health behavior of avoiding non-marital sexual activity. The program is designed to teach youth personal responsibility, self-regulation, goal setting, healthy decision-making, a focus on the future and the prevention of youth risk behaviors such as drug and alcohol usage without normalizing teen sexual activity.

  • The objectives of the SRAE program are to:
    • Implement education and strategies that include medically accurate and complete information;
    • Select education and lessons that are age-appropriate and culturally appropriate, recognizing the experiences of youth from diverse communities, backgrounds, and experiences; and
    • Teach sexual risk avoidance skills
  • Indiana funds six community-based, faith-based and private not-for-profit organizations throughout the state to implement evidence-based education programs. Their work spans multiple counties and targets middle school and/or high school students. The organizations and the curriculum they implement are listed below:
      • Girls Inc of Shelbyville: Informed and In Charge, Taking Charge
      • McMillen Center for Health Education: Choices Today, Options Tomorrow and Promoting Health Among Teens
      • Hoosier Uplands: Making a Difference
      • Indiana Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs: Making a Difference and Smart Decisions
      • LifeSmart Youth: 3Rs, Step Up for Kindness and Human Growth and Development and CARE
      • Randolph County YMCA: Creating Positive Relationships (CPR)
  • All grantees utilize Positive Youth Development strategies to help youth build protective factors that mitigate the impact of past and future negative experiences.
  • When funding is available, the state will release a request for applications. Any questions about this program or funding opportunity can be sent to

Disclaimer: This program is made possible by Grant Number GXFMGZLP95D9 from the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration.