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Aide Training Certification and Registry

CNA Certification and Recertification

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QMA Registration

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HHA Registration

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The Indiana Department of Health maintains the Certified Nurse Aide, Home Health Aide, and Qualified Medication Aide Registries. These registries list the names of aides who meet federal and/or state requirements to work in Indiana. All aides working in a licensed nursing home, home health agency, or hospice must be listed on the Aides Registry.  When hiring an aide, health care facilities and agencies must verify that appropriate training and testing was completed and confirm that there are no findings on the Registry against the aide. The Registry is available online at or by contacting the Aides Registry Program.

Certified Nurse Aide Registration Program

A certified nurse aide is a person who works primarily in long term care (nursing homes) assisting residents with activities of daily living under the supervision of a nurse.  A Certified Nurse Aide must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete a state-approved nurse aide training program,
  • Pass the nurse aide competency evaluation consisting of both a written and a skills test, and
  • Be listed in good standing as a CNA on the Indiana Aides Registry.

CNA Program Home Page

Dining Assistant

A dining assistant (sometimes referred to as a feeding assistant) is an individual who is paid to assisting in the feeding of nursing home residents.  Each dining assistant shall successfully complete a sixteen (16) hour training program for dining assistants that has been approved by the department.

Dining Assistant Program Home Page

Home Health Aide Registration Program

A home health aide is a person working for a home health agency or hospice that performs home health services ordered by a licensed physician, licensed chiropractor, licensed podiatrist, or licensed optometrist.  The home health aide must successfully complete an agency's competency evaluation.  Registered home health aides may also be abbreviated as “RHHA”.

Home Health Agencies and hospices are responsible for establishing their own policies on qualifications and needed training.  State government does not certify training sites or the syllabus of each individual agency or organization under contract to provide training services.

HHA Program Home Page

Qualified Medication Aide Registration Program

A qualified medication aide is a certified nurse aide (CNA) who has completed additional training, annual in-service training, and demonstrated competency while dispensing and passing medications and or applying/administrating treatments under the direct supervision of a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse. A qualified medication aide must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete a state-approved CNA training program. Must complete 1,000 work hours as a CNA before making application to the QMA training program.
  • Pass a QMA competency evaluation program consisting of a written test, and
  • Be listed in good standing as a QMA on the Aides Registry.

QMA Program Home Page


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Aides Registry
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