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Nurse Aide Training Program Core Curriculum

Division of Long Term Care
Nurse Aide Training Program
July 1998
Core Curriculum
A Product of the Indiana State Department of Health
In Conjunction with Professional Resources

These training materials are a product of the Indiana State Department of Health and Professional Resources with input from the Indiana Health Facilities Council Advisory Sub committee, and were developed utilizing the most current standards of practice for nurse aides.

The Indiana nurse aide training materials were developed for use in the State of Indiana for training of Nurse Aides to work in Indiana Long Term Care Facilities. This publication does not bear a copyright and may be copied for your use. Within these training materials you will find the Administrative standards for operating a nurse aide training program in the state of Indiana, the state rules (IAC16.2) governing the training of nurse aides and the federal requirements for nurse aide training. The Indiana state approved course standards and the resident care procedures, which must be adopted as part of the Indiana state approved nurse aide training program, are also part of this publication.

If you have questions regarding this material, you may call

Training Department
Indiana State Department of Health

Training Material Sections

Administrative Standard

Code of Federal Regulations

Course Standards

Indiana State Rules

Resident Care Procedures

Standard 14 - Resident Care Procedures