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Long-Term Care Infection Preventionist Webinar

Indiana Department of Health's healthcare associated infections and antimicrobial resistance (HAI/AR) team hosts a webinar series to provide relevant information on HAI and AR organisms and to promote collaboration between federal, state, and local public health professionals and long-term care facility infection prevention teams. Topics include updates regarding healthcare associated infections (HAIs), antimicrobial resistance (AR), Candida auris (CA), and antimicrobial stewardship (AS), and other additional topics. This webinar is designed to inform the hospital infection prevention team of relevant information and strategies to improve patient safety. These webinars will occur bi-monthly. Slide sets and recordings of previous webinars can be found below.

For further information or to be requested to be added to the webinar distribution list, email Aubrey West, HAI Health Educator, at .

ARS - 1/23/24

TB- 3/26/24

LTC Infection Prevention - 2/28/23

HA-AR Reporting updates - 4/25/23

ARS Antibiograms - 6/27/23

Legionella in LTC Facilities - 11/28/23

MDROs - 1/25/22

TB in LTC- 3/22/22

Infection Control Assessment Response (ICAR) - 5/31/22

Group A Strep prevention in LTC - 7/26/22

Legionella and Mpox - 9/27/22

Wound Care - 11/29/22

Transmission Based Precautions - 12/13/22

AR Organisms - 1/25/21

The 3 R's - 9/28/21

Candida auris - 11/30/21