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Rate matrix for Medicaid services

The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration is focused on ensuring a predictable and appropriate approach to reviewing rates for Medicaid services. To support this focus, we have developed a rate matrix to establish a regular review cadence for those services that do not otherwise have a review detailed in state or federal code.

Under the rate matrix approach, each rate will be reviewed at least every four years using an evidence-based rate methodology that includes input from providers and other stakeholders. The rate review periods will align with the biennial budget cycle so that the results of the review can be considered and approved by the Indiana General Assembly as part of the budget process. Yearly indexes will be considered on an annual basis when budget conditions allow.

The current rate matrix can be viewed by clicking here. FAQs related to rate equalization docs can be found here. If you have questions and/or note a service that is not included, please let us know by emailing