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About OMPP

The FSSA Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning efficiently and effectively administers Medicaid programs for the state of Indiana. Medicaid is more than just health coverage—it provides a vital safety net to one in five Hoosiers. OMPP’s suite of programs, called the Indiana Health Coverage Programs, includes traditional Medicaid, risk-based managed care and a variety of waiver services tailored to the needs of specific populations. High-level descriptions of our program areas are below.

  • Healthy Indiana Plan is nationally recognized for bringing innovative health coverage to 400,000 low-income and working adults through consumer-driven healthcare plans. Members actively participate in their healthcare to become better informed and engaged; in the first year, nearly 70% of HIP members elected to make POWER account contributions for enhanced services.
  • Hoosier Care Connect provides health coverage for nearly 90,000 aged, blind and disabled members who are not dually eligible for Medicare. The program also covers many of Indiana’s foster children. Managed Care Entities provide intensive case management services for these vulnerable members.
  • Hoosier Healthwise, which includes Indiana’s CHIP population, serves approximately 600,000 children and pregnant women. We work to ensure that more young children receive well-child doctor visits, helping them to a healthy start in their critical developmental years. Hoosier Healthwise supports early healthcare for pregnant women. Prenatal care has proven to reduce the risk of premature and low birth weight babies, which significantly reduces the likelihood of infant mortality.
  • Home- and Community-Based Services Medicaid programs help more than 30,000 members work and become active members in their communities by providing alternative supports and services to institutional care. These programs target specific populations who typically require additional levels of care than most members, such as seniors, individuals with mental illness or individuals with disabilities. OMPP assists its sister divisions to implement and monitor these programs.
  • MED Works offers healthcare coverage for more than 3,000 disabled individuals who are able to return to work but still meet the Medicaid definition of disability. This allows members to continue being productive, healthy members without fear of losing health coverage.
  • HoosierRx helps thousands of low-income residents, aged 65 years old or older, to pay their monthly Part D premium. Members enrolled in a Medicare Part D Plan working with HoosierRx can receive up to $70 a month in assistance. We also have programs available to help pay Medicare Part A or B premiums, deductibles and co-insurance.

Thanks to Indiana Medicaid, 1.5 million Hoosiers can let their minds rest at ease knowing they have access to quality healthcare. Additional information about our programs can be found by clicking here.

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