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Home for the Holidays

Just a few days before Christmas, Erin Broderick, a transition specialist for the Division of Aging’s Money Follows the Person (MFP) program, was asked by a family to coordinate moving their sister from a nursing facility in time to be home for the holidays. Knowing the chance of a successful transition in such a short time would be slim, Erin grudgingly verified the client’s eligibility and planned a discharge meeting for that same day.

The client, her family, the state, and the nursing facility had to work together—and work quickly. At the meeting, everyone focused on making the client and her family’s wishes come true. Once it was clear that the move would take place, the client’s sister was in tears thanking everyone as she said that having her home for the holidays was the best Christmas present she had ever received.

Erin later went to meet with the client. She learned that the 39 year old woman was a former employee with the Central Intelligence Agency in Washington DC who had earned many awards and honors for her service. When Erin explained to the client that she would be going home to her family, she could not stop laughing and smiling and asking for hugs. This response overwhelmed Erin with emotion. “It was one of the best experiences I’ve had,” she said. “It made me realize that any stress we have is all worth it. We’re changing people’s lives!”

MFP, a program of the FSSA Division of Aging, was developed by the federal government to help eligible Hoosiers moving from a nursing facility or hospital to a residential setting in the community, such as to the home of the client or a family member, an assisted living facility or other qualified location. Go online to to learn more about the requirements and qualifications for MFP.