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Health Plan Selection

Members new to HIP can select their health plan when they apply. There are four health plans that serve Healthy Indiana Plan members (Anthem, CareSource, MDwise and MHS). Click here for a comparison of the available health plans. For a Spanish version, click here. Once a member is approved for HIP, he or she will be assigned to the health plan selected on the application. If no health plan is chosen, one will be assigned. Members will be assigned this health plan for the calendar year – even if they leave and return to the program. For example, a member ending coverage with CareSource in April, will be assigned back to CareSource if they reenroll in HIP in June. When filling out a new application– a returning member may call 877-GET-HIP-9 to confirm their health plan for the year or leave the selection blank and the health plan will be assigned back automatically!

On an annual basis, HIP members have the opportunity to switch to another health plan for the following year. A member wishing to change health plans may do so by calling 877-GET-HIP-9 between November 1 and December 15. All changes will be effective January 1 and stay in effect for the next calendar year. If a member does not wish to change health plans, they do not need to take any action and will automatically stay with their current health plan for the new year and may not change until the next year.