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Establishment Project

The Bureau of Rehabilitation Services implemented major revisions to Vocational Rehabilitation employment services in July, 2015, moving from a structured, milestone-based system to a hybrid approach that blends outcome based payments with buildable hourly services and supports, based on the individualized needs of consumers.  These revisions have also resulted in increased expectations for Community Rehabilitation Programs  in carrying out employment services, including Supported Employment services and Discovery activities.  With these changes, BRS recognized a need to increase the capacity of CRPs in regards to staffing as well as foundational skills training, with the overall objective of improving the quality of employment services, including supported employment services for individuals with the most significant disabilities.

In light of this need, BRS issued a Request for Funding for eligible CRP’s to demonstrate their need and identify specific strategies for meeting the Establishment Project components. Over $18 million in funding was awarded to 47 CRP’s and the four year project began April 1, 2017. Specific allowable costs are limited to the improvement or expansion of internal training for the employment services staff, as well as costs of enhanced staffing for direct services staff (i.e. employment specialist, job coach, job development specialist) carrying out employment services to VR applicants or eligible individuals.  The overall objective of the Establishment Project is to improve the quality and quantity of competitive, integrated employment outcomes for VR consumers.

Information regarding VR Employment Services and sample documentation can be viewed by clicking here.

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