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BDS Quality Assurance

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About BDS Quality Assurance

The Bureau of Disabilities Services provides quality, person-centered supports for children and adults with an intellectual or developmental disability.

BDS strives to ensure quality supports are aligned with person-centered principles by leading strategic change that empowers people to live their good life. This is accomplished through a variety of activities such as:

If you have an interest in becoming a BDS waiver provider or are an existing provider and need information about your approved services, contact BDS Provider Services.

Incident Management

Children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities utilizing supports and services through BDS must have an incident report filed by a service provider when an event that could cause harm or injury to an individual occurs. Incidents must be reported in the online Incident Reporting System.

If you are unable to report an incident through the online system, you can contact the BDS district office or by calling 800-545-7763.

Detailed information on incident reporting requirements is available on the Incident reporting information page


Any individual, guardian, family member, and/or community member has the right to file a complaint on the behalf of an individual receiving waiver services through BDS. You can file a complaint it you feel that the provider has not followed state and/or federal rules or program requirements. BDS will then investigate the complaint and determine the best course of action to assess the situation.

Complaints can be filed using the online complaint form or by calling 800-545-7763.

If you or your loved one lives in a supervised group living setting , also known as a group home, or a Comprehensive Rehabilitative Management Needs Facility, complaints should be filed with the Indiana Department of Health Long-Term Care.

Complaints regarding TANF, SNAP or Medicaid? Please call 800-403-0864.


The Medicaid waiver program has an ombudsman who can assist teams when there are conflicting directions for support. The waiver ombudsman receives, investigates, and attempts to resolve complaints and concerns that are made by or on behalf of individuals who have an intellectual and developmental disabilities and who receive services through BDS. The ombudsman is independent of BDS so they can remain neutral. To learn more or file a complaint, please click here.

Mortality Reviews

All deaths of individuals that received BDS services, no matter where they lived at the time of death, are reviewed by BDS. Providers must notify BDS of a death through the Incident Reporting System and submit requested information to BDS for review.

Quality On-Site Provider Review

To evaluate services, BDS has created the Quality On-Site Provider Review, or QOPR. This process includes an on-site review and evaluation of the quality of services being delivered to individuals receiving waivers. While BDS will continue to review compliance with Medicaid rules (e.g., qualified provider, employee background checks and training), the state will also talk directly to individuals to make sure they are receiving person-centered quality services.

Provider reverification

BDS ensures waiver providers continue to meet all requirements by reviewing their records and documentation.

Provider Resources and Training

Risk assessment and planning

Data and Reports

National core indicators

The national core indicators project collects information through various surveys to determine where the quality of waiver supports and outcomes can be improved.

State of the Workforce Survey

The state of the workforce survey is administered with BDS service providers to gather data on the direct support professional workforce.

How to contact BDS

Still have questions? Feel free to contact the Bureau of Disabilities Services