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Case Management Innovation

In May 2021, the Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services launched Case Management Innovation as part of our BDDS Waiver Redesign efforts.

Through this initiative, BDDS is utilizing a (b)(4) fee-for-service waiver structure that allows states to limit the number of providers. DDRS will select case management entities to serve waiver consumers beginning in January of 2022 through a Request for Services process. Case management entities interested in serving individuals receiving supports through BDDS’ waivers will be required to submit proposals. A third-party vendor is leading this process to ensure all proposals are scored solely on their merits and without prejudice. A pre-determined number of case management entities with the highest scores will be selected to provide services through no-cost contracts. Payments for services will continue through Indiana Medicaid.

Additionally, BDDS is developing a quality guide for case management entities and case managers that will provide technical assistance in various formats that will include what to do, how to do it, and most importantly, why the task or activity is important. Additional training and a more robust certification exam are also being developed to move BDDS closer to its desired goals.

To promote a continual increase in quality, BDDS is introducing value-based, non-financial incentives to reward case management entities for attaining pre-determined goals. Awards of value-based incentives will not be made until 2023 to allow for the development of baseline metrics.


The following documents contain frequently asked questions for each stakeholder group. These documents will be updated with new questions and responses throughout the Case Management Innovation process.




All questions/inquiries regarding the RFS must be submitted by the date and time outlined in Section 1.24 Summary of Milestones of the RFS. Questions/Inquiries may be submitted in Attachment G, Q&A Template, via email to rfp@idoa.IN.gov and must be received by the time and date indicated in the RFS.

BDDS and BQIS is prohibited in answering questions related directly the RFS but are still available to answer questions related to the overall project of waiver redesign. Questions, concerns or general feedback can be directed to your local BDDS office or you can email DDRSwaivernoticecomment@fssa.IN.gov.