Indiana Sector Partnerships

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Indiana will need to fill more than 1 million jobs over the next decade. Of those million jobs, more than a third will be new or growth occupations within the state. Organizing through Indiana Sector Partnerships addresses the employers' challenge to find skilled workers to meet their current and future needs by aligning and leveraging resources.

A sector strategy is a partnership of multiple employers within a critical industry that brings together education, economic development, workforce systems and community organizations to identify and collaboratively meet workforce needs of the industry within a regional labor market. The below visual highlights the stakeholder relationship for Indiana Sector Partnerships:

The Indiana Sector Partnerships team in collaboration with the State Workforce Innovation Council (SWIC) and various stakeholders have adopted the above definition for sector partnerships, a common framework and stage development for sector partnership conversations and implementation.

Below is a map highlighting Indiana's sector partnerships which are in three stages of formation: Exploring (beginning), Emerging (intermediate) and Operational (fully active). This map will be regularly updated to reflect additional partnerships as they form and launch.

Indiana Sector Partnerships (Created December 2017)

Region Stage Sector Partnership Name
1 Operational Imagine Retail
1 Operational Northwest Indiana Healthcare Consortium
1 Operational Northwest Indiana Manufacturing Consortium
1 Operational Steel Consortium
2 Emerging Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (R2 AMP)
2 Emerging Elkhart Advanced Manufacturing Partnership
2 Operational Orthoworx
3 Operational Adams-Wells Manufacturing Alliance
3 Operational Gateway Coalition
3 Operational Grant's Got Talent
3 Operational Noble County Manufacturing and Education Alliance
4 Operational Skill Up Alliance
5 Exploring Boone County Advanced Manufacturing
6 Operational Jay-Blackford Manufacturing Council
6 Operational Manufacturing Matters
8 Exploring ROI Advanced Manufacturing
8 Emerging ROI Defense
8 Emerging ROI Life Sciences
9 Operational EcO Advanced Manufacturing Network
9 Operational EcO Healthcare Network
9 Emerging EcO IT Network
9 Exploring Southeast Indiana Trucking and Logistics Consortium (Indiana DriveTrain)
10 Operational Metro Manufacturing Alliance
10 Exploring Region 10 Transportation and Logistics
10 Exploring Region 10 Construction
11 Operational Tri-State Manufacturers' Alliance

For more information and questions, please contact Natalie Wenzler, Associate Director of Employer Engagement, Indiana Department of Workforce Development, and/or 317-504-9452.