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Community Foundations

Community Foundations

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How can your business engage with and support our community?

Are you looking for ways to give back, or support a local initiative?

Does your business need resources to support a healthy work culture?

Did You Know?

Westerners owe the word “philanthropy” to the Greeks, who, since the fifth century BC elaborated on the idea. Etymologically, “philanthropy” means “the love of humanity”. It was coined 2,500 years ago by its use in the myth Prometheus Bound.

Benjamin Franklin, the inventor and statesman of the colonial era, was an early philanthropist. He founded local civic organizations such as the volunteer fire company and institutions such as the Pennsylvania hospital, the University of Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia public library.

There are over 700 community foundations in the United States Today.

Engage with and support our community

What is a Community Foundation?

National Council of Nonprofits logo

Learn more about how the National Council of Nonprofits advocates for America’s charitable nonprofits.

Community Foundation Locator

Check out the Community Foundations locator from the Council on Foundations. Find community foundations in your area by clicking on the map. You can view a map of all accredited community foundations on the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations™ website.

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Join the Council on Foundations!

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Ways to give back

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During this Novel Coronavirus Pandemic, over 700 AmeriCorps members supported by Serve Indiana rolled up their sleeves everyday to serve Hoosiers across the state in the areas of Education, Economic Opportunity, Environmental Stewardship, Capacity Building, and Healthy Futures. With an investment of roughly $3 million in AmeriCorps funding, Serve Indiana partnered with 15 nonprofit organizations and governmental entities and leveraged over $12 million in local resources to help Hoosiers meet local challenges using their own community assets.

Want to see this in a list format just for Indiana? Check out the Community Foundations list from the Independent College of Indiana.

Indiana Philanthropy Alliance logo

Find a location Philanthropy Organization at Indiana Philanthropy Alliance

For members of the Indiana Community Foundation Contact List, log-in to see the contact information for these organizations

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Support a healthy work culture

Lilly Endowment Inc. Logo

Lilly Endowment which gave out $33M to community foundations in Indiana in 2020 . For more details check out this article.

Visit the Lilly Endowment Inc. to learn more.

Community Foundation Alliance Logo

Apply for a grant with the Community Foundation Alliance!

Check out their Facebook page to stay-up-to-date!

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Success Stories

In this 30-minute webinar, LBCF President & CEO Marcelle Epley will cover the history of community foundations, the history of the LBCF, the type of funds offered, local impact, and more.

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