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Industry Recognized Certifications

The State Board of Education (SBOE) defines industry recognized credentials as developed or supported by business and industry to verify student mastery of technical skills competencies in an occupational area that aligns with Indiana’s economic sectors and is approved by the DWD.

In order to identify those industry valued credentials, the DWD combined a list of industry certifications previously recognized by the SBOE with the list of industry certifications used in adult training programs.

2018-2019 List of Industry Recognized Credentials

2017-2018 List of Industry Recognized Credentials

Certification Request Form

Schools and employers may apply to add an industry recognized credential to the above listing via the Certification Request Form.

Applications to add certifications will be taken continuously and will be added through February 20 of each year. The list will be final each year in the spring. This list will impact school accountability for the following school year.


Each credential within the list above was evaluated to determine the following:

  1. Does this meet SBOE rule language as well as nationally understood definitions of industry certifications (see references)?
  2. Does this credential meet minimum demand requirements determined using job projections data? This minimum requirement is 200 jobs available, which are connected to the successful completion of the certification, over the next ten years.
  3. Does this credential meet minimum wage requirements determined using the twenty fifth percentile of all wages for all occupations in Indiana in 2014?

Read the Methodology Memorandum in its entirety


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