JOBS Initiative

As the economy changes, competition increases and technology advances, but one thing remains the same. You’re only as good as your team. To be successful in any business, a skilled and flexible workforce is required, but locating and developing that team isn’t always easy. WorkOne’s Job Opportunities and Business Services (JOBS) program can help.

WorkOne business consultants will help you hire the right people with the right skills for your job. The JOBS program utilizes WorkKeys, a nationally renowned system, to identify the skills that are most critical to perform a job.

Once a profile is created, WorkOne staff will recruit and screen applicants that meet your needs. Each candidate will be evaluated using WorkKeys assessments that provide objective and reliable information about each applicant’s skill level. Candidates that meet the skills levels identified by the job profile will be referred to you, allowing you to hire employees that are qualified to do the job. By utilizing both WorkKeys job profiles and assessments, your hiring process will be legally defensible.


  • Easy, one page application for employers
  • Must have a hiring need
  • Positions should pay at least $10 an hour


  • Advertising and marketing opportunities
  • Eliminate countless hours of screening potential candidates, let WorkOne review your applicants

Job Profiles

  • Profilers work with company experts to define each profile, based on job duties and skills required
  • Up to 5 job profiles developed per year
  • Less than one week to complete each profile
  • Company retains all documentation
  • Profiles are equal opportunity compliant


  • Assessment times range from 30 to 65 minutes
  • Assessment categories include: Business Writing, Listening, Reading for Information, Writing, Applied Mathematics, Applied Technology, Locating Information, Observation and Teamwork
  • New, experienced or potential workers are eligible
  • Skills assessments identify gaps and appropriate training needs
  • Workers are more likely to finish training if they know it is the only way to get in the door or to get a promotion

JOBS Results

  • Streamlined recruitment and hiring
  • Reduced cost of hiring
  • Shorter new employee orientation
  • Increased retention rates
  • Employees skills and abilities are aligned with their jobs, boosting moral and increasing productivity

The JOBS program is based on a nationally recognized system called WorkKeys that teaches and assesses workplace skills. The assessments document worker’s skills through the National Career Readiness Certification. Learn more here.

To apply for the JOBS program please complete the application below. When complete, hit the submit button in the bottom right corner. A local WorkOne Business Representative will review your application and contact you.