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INDOT - February 9, 2011 Regular Letting

Indiana Department of Transportation

INDOT > Doing Business with INDOT >  Lettings February 9 & 11, 2011 Regular Letting

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Failure to register as a valid bidder will cause failure of the Bid Express bid submission process.

To register as a Bidder, or to be listed as a Planholder, please submit the Bidders & Planholders Registration Form.

Failure to submit Drug Testing Plan and Performance Bond prior to date and time of letting,
when required, will result in bid rejection (more info).

Letting Definitions & ScheduleLETTING INFORMATION
Letting Definitions & ScheduleLETTING RESULTS
February 9
February 11
Official Bid Results
Feburary 9 PDF | TEXT
Feburary 11 PDF | TEXT

Additional Bid Results
February 9 PDF| TEXT
February 11 PDF| TEXT
Notice To Contractors

Schedule of Pay Items
Print Order Information
Page Count | Printing Vendor
Affirmative Action Certification
Bidders & Planholders Registration Form
Unit Tab Results
Feburary 9 PDF | TEXT
Feburary 11 PDF | TEXT
Letting Definitions & ScheduleADDITIONAL INFORMATION
Bidders & Planholders List
February 9 PDF | TEXT
February 11 PDF | TEXT
Construction Letting Email Inbox
February 9 PDF
February 11 PDF
Wage Determination
Wage Notification
IN100001 | IN100006
Rescheduled & Withdrawn Contracts
Rescheduled: to (6) from (8)
: (0)
Electronic Bidding System - You must use version 5.7a for this Letting

Letting Definitions & ScheduleInformation about Letting Definitions & Schedules

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