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Aircraft Tax Forms

Name State Form Number Online ServicesDescription File Type
AE-1 46815   Certificate of Exemption from Registration/Excise Tax on Aircraft Owned by an Indiana Resident and Based Out of State fill-in pdf
AE-2 54085   Annual Report of Exempt Aircraft Usage fill-in pdf
AE-3 54086   Annual Report of Exempt Aircraft Used in Public Transportation fill-in pdf
AE-5 55255   Certification of Purchase Price fill-in pdf
AE-6 7548   Certificate of Aircraft Registration Name Change fill-in pdf
AE-7 7695 INTIME Application for Aircraft Registration

File online

AE-8 10763 INTIME Application for Aircraft Dealer's Certificate File online
ST-108 AIR 56098   Certificate of Exemption from Retail Sales Tax on Aircraft Purchases fill-in pdf