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Fuel Tax E-file

As of July 2022, Fuel Tax customers can submit EDI files via INTIME. More information available below.

For Fuel Tax rates, visit the Miscellaneous Tax Rates page.

Fuel Tax Electronic Filing (FTEF)

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows customers to transmit electronic tax returns from their computer to the Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR).

EDI can accept:

Changes to EDI Process with INTIME

As of July 18. 2022, customers who use the EDI process to file Fuel taxes will submit their EDI files via INTIME. What this means for customers:
  • Fuel tax customers can use INTIME to file and pay tax obligations.
  • All Fuel tax accounts have been added automatically to INTIME and will be viewable on the “Summary” (tab) page.
  • Customers can use INTIME to file and pay tax obligations.
  • All Fuel tax accounts are viewable via INTIME on the “Summary” tab.

The Fuel Tax EDI Implementation Guide describes the program details and provides the instructions required for program development.

INTIME will not require EDI filers to register with DOR as was previously the case, which means:

  • Fuel tax customers can upload an EDI file from the “All Actions” (tab) page.
  • Any EDI files uploaded on INTIME will be treated as returns.
  • Fuel tax customers will no longer be required to submit “test files.”

An INTIME User Guide for Fuel Tax Customers is available to help with the transition to using INTIME. Contact with additional questions.